School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


a wheelchair basketball player

Participation in sport and exercise

The aim is to analyse the sociological, economic, psychological, political, organisational and behavioural factors which inhibit and facilitate participation and engagement in sport and exercise.

Theme Leadership team

Professor Paul Downward (lead), Dr Dominic Malcolm and Dr Elisavet Argyro Manoli

This theme contributes to the development of a critical awareness of the factors, structures and processes that motivate, enable and constrain people’s engagements with sport and exercise as part of their daily lives. It embraces casual and informal physical activity as well as formal, organised and elite sport across the local, national and global contexts and in the context of the implementation of exercise medicine to the general public for physical and mental health and well-being.

There is a specific focus on the following areas

04/12/2019 the narratives of LGB athletes in sport

Dr Gemma Witcomb, Loughborough University


Children's rights and football

Dr Carolynne Mason, Loughborough University

Dr Serhat Yilmaz, Loughborough University


We are all gonna die! The possible impact of Brexit on British sport

Dr Borja Garcia Garcia, Loughborough University

Football and mediatization: a serious academic pursuit or just scholars playing silly games?

Dr Michael Skey, Loughborough University


Critical realism in sport and social science

Dr Gareth Wilshire, Loughborough University

Match-fixing monitoring systems in play

Dr Minhyeok Tak, Loughborough University


The use of research in practice and policy: Knowledge translation in public health pedagogies, the Physical Activity Discourse:

Body Fascism or Body Freedom? - Jessica Lee (Griffith University) & Joe Piggin


Joint meeting with PA and H


Active and healthy lifestyles in school, university and community: Highlights of research conducted in and from Portugal - João Martins


Bias in rugby refereeing and the role of the TMO. Does corruption in sport corrode social capital? - Paul Downward, Elisavet Manoli and Comille Bandura


Participation/SDC/Performance Integration session - Kelly Sotherton and Michael Johnson


IAS Nation Theme - Cora Burnett


Joanna Harper - Athletic Gender - Coping with Gender-Variant Athletes


IAS Nation Theme - Gijs Campenhout and Joost Jansen


Young People's Perceptions of Sport Integrity


IAS Nation Theme - Lee Thompson and Susan Brownell 


Carrie Dunn - "'You're never going to be able to compete with men's football' - women's sport, fans and the media"?


Exploring youth health: Using critical ethnography to understand health across socioeconomic contexts


International research in physical education: working with Latin American countries


Methods in life-course health and wellbeing


Sport, national identity and image-making: the case of the 2017 Taipei Universiade

Professor Alan Bairner

A Zambian Community Centred Development: an anthropological account of sport for development and peace

Dr David Howe


New development frontiers? The Role of Youth, Sport and Cultural Interventions – a new ESRC research project

Dr Richard Giulianotti, Dr Aoife Sadlier and Dr James Esson 

Evidencing the impact of sport for development programmes: Lessons from a scoping study of Greenhouse Sports programmes

Dr Carolynne Mason


Learning through play: an exploration of children’s learning in Forest Schools

Dr Janine Coates, Loughborough University

Movement for learning: the impact of a daily movement programme on young children’s physical development

Dr Rebecca Duncombe, Loughborough University


Research Excellence Framework

Professor John Horne


Research Excellence Framework

Professor Chris Cooper


Examining the influence of space and place on girls’ construction of embodied identities

Dr Rachel Sandford, Loughborough University

Adopting a models-based approach to teaching physical education

Dr Ash Casey, Loughborough University


Exploring the domestic relationship between mega-events and destination image: the image impact of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games for the city of London

Dr Jamie Kenyon, Loughborough University

Parasport: an antidote for inclusive practice?

Dr David Howe, Loughborough University


The Olympic Hunger Games: an examination of Team GB’s sponsor association with ultra-processed food brands

Dr Joe Piggin, Loughborough University

Physical Activity, Diet and Medication: some causal insights

Professor Paul Downward, Loughborough University