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Dr Meilan Yan MSc, Loughborough University, UK; PhD, Loughborough University, UK; FHEA

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Lecturer in Economics

Meilan Yan joined Loughborough University as a lecturer in Economics in July 2020.  Previously, Meilan worked at the University of Hull and the University of Wolverhampton.   She was awarded a Ph.D. in Economics from Loughborough University. 

Meilan’s research interests are mainly focused on banking regulation and supervision, financial risk measurement and management, and sustainable finance.  She has published articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals such as European Journal of Finance, International Journal of Finance and Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Banking RegulationHer research collaborations with colleagues from other countries including UK, Germany, Ukraine, and China. 

Meilan’s teaching portfolio includes subjects in banking, accounting and finance, corporate finance, international finance, financial economics, and risk management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  


Banking regulation and Supervision 

Financial risk measurements and management 

Financial dependency study 

Sustainable finance 

Meilan Yan & Maximilian J. B. Hall & Paul Turner (2014), Estimating Liquidity Risk using the Exposure-Based Cash- Flow-at-Risk Approach: An Application to the UK Banking Sector, ABS 3 International Journal of Finance & Economics, 19(3), pp 225-238.  

Meilan Yan & Dalu Zhang & Maximilian J. B. Hall & Paul Turner (2017), How Liquid Are Banks: Some Evidence from UK?, ABS 2 Journal of Banking Regulation , 18(2), pp 163-179. 

Dalu Zhang, Meilan Yan & Andreas Tsopanakis (2018). Financial stress relationships among Euro area countries: an R-vine copula approach. ABS 3 The European Journal of Finance, 24(17), pp 1587-1608. 

Yanwen Hudson & Meilan Yan & Dalu Zhang (2020). Herd Behaviour & Investor Sentiment: Evidence from UK mutual funds. ABS 3 International Review of Financial Analysis., 17(1). pp 101494.