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Dr Adrian Gourlay BSc (Surrey), MSc (York), PhD (Loughborough)

Photo of Dr Adrian Gourlay

Lecturer in Economics

Director of Undergraduate Programmes [Economics]

Applied microeconomics and industrial economics (diffusion of new technology and firm diversification)

Module Organiser:
Economics of the Welfare State (ECB035 & ECC017)
Economics of Banking and Financial Markets (ECP100)
Macroeconomics for Business (BSB023)

Research Interests:
applied microeconomics and industrial economics (diffusion of new technology  and firm diversification)

Selected Publications:
“The Determinants of Technology Diffusion: Evidence from the UK Financial Sector” (with E.J. Pentecost), 2002, Manchester School, 70(2), pp.185-203. 

“Export Intensity in UK Firms” (with J.S. Seaton), Applied Economics Letters, 10(8), 2003, 471-477.

"UK Export Behaviour at the Firm Level" (with J.S. Seaton), 2004, Economic Issues, 9(2), September, pp.3-19.

"The Determinants of Firm Diversification in UK quoted companies" (with J.S. Seaton), 2004, Applied Economics, 36(18), October, pp.2059-2071 “Explaining the Decision to Export: Evidence from UK Firms” (with J.S. Seaton), Applied Economics, 2004.