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Cathy Hart

Dr Cathy Hart

Dr Hart leads the TC-RIG which focuses on research on UK town centres, retailing and the customer experience

Town Centres Research Interest Group (TC-RIG)

Leader: Dr Cathy Hart, Senior Lecturer in Retailing and Operations Management

The Customer Experience of Town Centres report presents the detailed findings from an ESRC-funded project investigating town centre consumer behaviour. Download the report online.

Town centres perform a vital socio-economic role in local communities; however, they also face ongoing challenges of increasing online competition, reduced consumer spending and empty shops. Many town centres have experienced economic decline, and the Government prioritised the need for action by backing measures from the Portas Pilots to the Future High Streets Forum.    

The retail landscape is changing, and the composition of the high street has shifted. Increasingly, the town centre serves not only social, utilitarian or hedonic shopping purposes, but also supports out-of-hours entertainment and leisure services. The way that consumers perceive and use town centres has also fundamentally changed. The Internet offers greater choice, comparison and convenience, and as a result, consumers will expect more of their local high street.

While the plight of town centres has attracted high-profile attention, surprisingly little research focuses on town centre consumer behaviour and perceptions.  The Town Centres Research Interest Group aims to generate and disseminate empirical evidence that will help practitioners as well as academics to understand the different drivers of current and future town centre behaviour.  This knowledge will inform strategies to strengthen the town centre offer aimed at increasing consumer patronage and will include, amongst other themes:

  • Enhancing the customer experience of town centres
  • Evaluating consumer interactions or touch-points in town centres
  • Tracking town centre consumer behaviour
  • Measuring the town centre customer experience 

Core members:

Associate members:

  • Lara Stocchi, Senior Lecturer, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
  • Mohammed Rafiq, Professor, Roehampton University

Doctoral students:

  • Majd AbedRabbo

Past Activities


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Academic conferences

Hart, C (2018) Town Centre Experiences in digitally Enhanced Places. In EIRASS Recent Advances in Retailing &Services Science Conference, EIRASS 25th Recent advances in Retailing & Services Science Book of Abstracts, Madeira, pp.40-40.

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Seminars and events

18th June 2015: “The Town Centre Consumer: Impact and Implications for the Future of the High Street”, Town Centres Research Interest Group launch event, Loughborough University.

The Town Centres Research Interest Group held a seminar event to discuss emerging research on the town centre consumer. Bringing together industry speakers and showcasing the latest research findings, Cathy Hart led a series of nine presentations focusing on the evolving high street environment and its impact on consumer behaviour.  The audience’s questions and presenter responses generated some interesting discussions, and the event closed with Bruce Jackson, Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager ESRC, identifying opportunities for future research directions.


Invited presentations (ESRC project dissemination)

  • 30th June 2015 – “The customer experience in an evolving high street”, Plenary presentation, The Charity Retail Conference, Keele University.
  • 5th May 2015 – “Researching the customer experience of town centres”, Local Data Company / ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre ‘Thought Leadership Event’ at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.
  • 30th September 2014 – “Town Centre Customer Experience (TCCE) Measurement: An overview of research findings”. Love Loughborough Town Centre Partnership, Leicestershire
  • 3rd July 2014 – “Town centre consumers: How people shop”. South Lakeland High Street Event, Kendal
  • 21st May 2014 – “The town centre consumer”. Specsavers Shared Venture Annual Partner Seminar, Crewe Hall, Cheshire
  • 3rd April 2014 – “Transforming consumer perceptions – insights from town centre research”. Centre for Service Management (CSM) Launch Event, Loughborough University
  • 19th February 2014 – “Town centre consumer research: How consumers use town centres”, Pecha Kucha presentation for TADA Student Society, Loughborough Students Union
  • 21st March 2014 - “Consumer research findings: Satisfaction, attitudes, touch points and barriers”. Conference; ‘Everybody shops: Evolving the retail experience in a changing society’. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, London
  • 7th November 2013 – “Towns Alive 2013”, Action for Market Towns (AMT) National Convention, Cheshire
  • 6th November 2013 – “Delivering Quality”, British BIDS Annual conference, London
  • 14th August 2013 – ATCM Support Workshop, Loughborough BID Strategy Group
  • 9th July 2013 – LoveLoughboroughTown Centre Partnership
  • 4th July 2013 – Association of Town and City Management (ATCM), Summer School, Lincoln
  • 13th May 2013 – Digital High Street 2013. “Opening view from towns: The confusion and uncertainty facing the high street”. (Findings presented by project partner Chris Wade, CEO, AMT) Halifax
  • 9th May 2013 – The 18th Annual Quality Streetscapes Conference, “Town Centre Opportunities: Unlocking the potential of property and public space”. London
  • 17th April 2013 – Town Centre Customer Experience Seminar, British Retail Consortium, London
  • 25th March 2013 – Alliance Boots Regional Community Event, Leicester
  • 12th March 2013 – “Retail and the research base cross council workshop”, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, London


PhDs completed

  • 2012 “The image of a town centre”, PhD Thesis, Dr Grazyna Stachow.

Current Activities

The second phase of ESRC-funded research focused on validating the town centre customer experience exploratory findings and developing a town centre consumer measurement tool and customer experience ‘Index’. A key objective was to examine the town centre touch points or memorable interactions, and how these shape future patronage behaviour at the local town centre level.

In 2014, a larger-scale consumer survey was developed to capture the customer experiences of over 1,500 respondents across 10 UK town centres (Carlisle, Huddersfield, Sunderland, Worcester, Loughborough, Huntingdon, Coventry, Bath, Reading and Watford). The consumer responses were analysed to create a robust town centre customer experience measurement framework.

A customer experience Index has been created to benchmark town centre performance and specifically the ‘Experiential’ and ‘Functional’ touch points, in order to identify consumer perceived strengths and areas for improvement in each town centre.  

The Town Centre Consumer Tool - Enterprise Project Group funding

The current stage of this project led by Cathy Hart (PI) and Lara Stocchi (Co-I) is aimed at creating a practical tool that will capture, measure and track consumer perceptions reliably on a large scale. This tool will:

  • Enable town centre management and local authorities to monitor and understand changes in customer behaviour and satisfaction over time;
  • Inform town centre management where and how to improve the quality of customer interaction with town centre touch points;
  • Support consumer-driven responses and strategies to improve the customer experience, increasing footfall, loyalty and spend on the high street.

You may download a PDF of the preliminary research findings by clicking on the following link:

Understanding Customer Experiences of Town Centres PDF.

The findings were presented at a University-hosted national event on 18th June 2015. You can find out more about the June 18th event in the 'Past Activities' tab under 'Seminars and events' above.

The project was funded by the Enterprise Project Group (EPG), and the future steps of this research include:

  • Working with a location analytics company, Indestinate (, to incorporate the tool into a digital platform for easy administration and reporting e.g., via a mobile app and cloud-based impact dashboard reporting tool;
  • Testing and validating the measurement tool via a consumer panel of 600-1000 consumers across eight sample town centres;
  • Evaluating the results reported via the cloud-based dashboard platform for each town centre.

Doctoral students join a lively and supportive community of research students, becoming an integral part of the School’s research culture. We welcome approaches from suitably qualified graduates, particularly those with a relevant Master's degree and sufficient funding, who may wish to undertake research projects in the specialist areas of the group, leading to a PhD.  As a research student, you will be encouraged to attend conferences to present your work and develop joint publications with your supervisors.

The group has great supervisory experience and is keen to supervise high quality research students in members’ specialist research fields. Recognition of the quality of supervision offered by the group members has resulted in funding for doctoral students from Research Councils. For students interested in further information on potential PhD projects and supervisors, please stay tuned to our webpages.

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