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11 Feb 2021

CSM Publishes Two of the Most Influential Service Research Articles

Recently, Furrer et al. (2020), published an article that aimed at answering, among other things, the following research question: which articles have most influenced the evolution of service research in the past 27 years?

We are pleased to announce that two articles on the list of the most influential service research articles were co-authored by Prof Thorsten Gruber, Director of CSM. The two articles, which came in 25th and 36th place, out of 3177 articles, are:

Edvardsson, B., Tronvoll, B. and Gruber, T. (2011). “Expanding Understanding of Service Exchange and Value Co-Creation: A Social Construction Approach”. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39 (2), 327-339.

Bolton, R., Parasuraman, A., Hoefnagels, A., Migchels, N., Kabadayi, S., Gruber, T., Komarova Loureiro, Y. and Solnet, D. (2013). “Understanding Generation Y and Their Use of Social Media: A Review and Research Agenda”. Journal of Service Management, 24 (3), 245-267.

The Furrer et al. (2020) article can be found here.