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19 Jan 2020

Dr Sahar Mousavi were awarded funding by SAMS to organise a 3-day ‘Transformative Technology’ workshop

Dr Sahar Mousavi (PI) and Professor Thorsten Gruber were awarded funding by the Society for the Advanced of Management Studies (SAMS, “Developing the Management Studies Community” funding scheme) to organise a ‘Transformative Technology’ workshop.


Centre for Service Management (CSM) and Centre for Information Management (CIM) at loughborough University are going to hosta 3-day ‘Transformative Technology’ workshop in May 2020. The aim of the event is to bring together researchers from an international and multi-disciplinary perspective and business managers to generate comprehensive and critical debate. Developing impactful research agendas and creating publication opportunities for future interdisciplinary/inter-institutional research projects and research funding opportunities will be further objectives of the event. The workshop will also have a strong focus on the development of doctoral researchers and early career academics. The workshop will take place at Loughborough University, the exact date is to be confirmed.