Politics and International Studies

Undergraduate study

Student work

We are proud of our students and the fantastic work they do with us while they are here.

When students do particularly good work, we want to tell the world about it. Below are some examples of some of the best pieces of work that some of students have produced over the past few years. Well done to all of them.

Dissertation in Politics / International Relations / History (EUC640/641/701)

Dissertations are more extensive (12,000 words) analyses on topics negotiated between student and supervisor.

State, Violence and Terrorism (EUC604)

Students are asked to analyse a case of terrorism or political violence (through a media report of it) of their choice. The essays below plus any more recent ones are now available on Socratic Hive.

The European Union and the United States (EUC607)

The coursework requires students to complete an essay interpreting either a key period or a key issue in EU-US relations, and to use appropriate analytical approaches in doing this.

Intelligence and National Security (EUC627)

Students are asked to produce one policy brief exploring a policy challenge and possible responses to it using mostly primary sources, and one essay which explores intelligence and national security from more conceptual angles using a range of primary and secondary sources.

The Asia-Pacific in Global Politics (EUC628)

Students were asked to address issues such as the balace of power between China and the US, as well as to critically engage with the so-called Asian Values debate. Students were also given the choice of devising their own questions to explore the wider implications of the Asia-Pacific region in global politics.

Yugoslavia: Its 20th Century (EUC631)

Students are asked to either devise their own questions or answer a set question that analyses a given event in Yugoslav 20th century history.

Politics and Religion (EUC664)

These essays critically analyse, guided by a range of suggested questions, the interaction of religion and politics in a case study chosen by the student. The essays below plus any more recent ones are available on Socratic Hive.

Muslim Lives: Autobiography, History, Identity (EUC702)

This essay uses literary and/or gender theory to analyse an autobiography of the student's choice from the Muslim world.

The Russian Empire (EUC709)

These essays analyse features and problems of the Russian Empire as it developed in the course of the 18th and 19th century. In particular, they demonstrate an excellent understanding of modernisation processes and of the ways early empires worked.