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Wearable Internet of Things Research Project

Wearable and stitched computing for human sensing and interfacing in the Internet of Things

In the Internet of Things the human is usually in the loop… somewhere, however, in order to achieve this it is essential for the electronic system to interface.

Our Aim

The project aims to address a range of issues associated with integrating the human element into the Internet of Things. The vision is to develop completely self-powering systems that require very little maintenance that can be worn by a human and enables high-level functionality.

The applications are hugely varied and are limited only by software. They include providing analytics for sports, medical (monitoring elderly people and personal health) and entertainment applications.  


Our Research

The research is being conducted within a multidisciplinary team within the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering. On the communications side, the work makes use of radiofrequency facilities such as Network/Spectrum Analysers and anechoic chambers, the facility to test in novel environments (such as near to or in water). This is supported by workshops, mechanical and manufacturing facilities to make physical prototypes.

Our Outcomes

This is a large project with multiple spokes. To date there have been successful outcomes on sensors (novel switched acoustic arrays, wearable sensor networks), on the physical layer (novel antennas, novel manufacture and measurement) and ongoing work in these areas plus Energy Harvesting.

Dr James Flint - Reader in Wireless Systems Engineering

"The human needs to be able to wear the technology and interact with it without having to charge it, to worry about wireless transmission reliability, and for that technology to be powerful enough to conserve the wireless channel so it is free for other users."

Dr James Flint - Reader in Wireless Systems Engineering

Athena Swan Bronze award

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