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CEMZEP Research Project

Cryogenic Engines for Mobile Zero Emission Power (CEMZEP)

Decarbonisation the energy systems, particularly in the urban regions, is crucial for a sustainable and healthy society.

Our Aim

In collaboration with 5 industry partners lead by the Dearman Engine Company, CEMZEP project aims to improve and industrialisation of the Dearman Engine – a new zero-emission technology with a novel energy vector relevant to multiple applications, such as the Truck Refrigeration Units (TRU), and the waste heat recovery units in both stationary and transport energy systems.

The project will build on the strength of the Thermofluids Research Group, including novel piston engine systems, multiphase heat and mass transport process, and cryogenic energy systems, to support innovations in more sustainable multiphase energy systems.

Our Research

The project will set up a new dedicated cryogenic engine testing cell to characterise the multiphase mixing and heat/mass transport process in a novel liquid nitrogen engine and its performance by using many advanced optical diagnostic techniques.

Our Outcomes

The team has set up a new dedicated cryogenic engineering lab to enable the development of novel cryogenic energy systems. With the support from all collaborative partners, the Dearman Engine Company has completed many successfully on-road of the novel Dearman Engine based TRU units trials across Europe and is currently on the track of delivering the first commercialised system to customers.

Dr Huayong Zhao - Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics

“This is an exciting project to extend our visions in future energy systems by embedding the cold energy from cryogenic liquids into the existing energy system landscape which focusing on chemical and electrical energy. It also exposed many intriguing phase change process in cryogenic temperature, which requires further research to enable further innovations in sustainable energy systems.”

Dr Huayong Zhao - Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics

Athena Swan Bronze award

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