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Your self-motivation, drive and determination combined with our e-learning platform and support; this is our joint commitment to your success

Your commitment

As a postgraduate student you will receive guidance and support, but it is important to recognise that you are expected to drive your own learning.

Therefore, our students should be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Capable of coping with complex issues both analytically and creatively
  • Able to apply originality in tackling and solving problems. 
  • Capable of dealing with competing demands by managing their time
  • Willing to work with CREST staff to create a realistic study plan alongside their other commitments.

Study Planning

Each module will require approximately 10 hours per credit unit (including exams and preparation) so it is important to factor this into your study plan.    

As a first step, identify which modules are available in each semester. We recommend that you do not register for more modules than you can cope with, particularly in your first semester of study.  For this reason, you should not undertake more than two modules each semester. Our learning support team can help you with producing a pathway to completing your MSc. 

Outside the tutor-supported periods, students are expected to follow the material in self-study (non-supported) mode.  

Our commitment

Our aim is to provide students with the necessary tools to succeed as well as offering guidance and support throughout the learning process.

Feedback is essential to the learning process and is therefore one of the main features of our distance learning approach. Feedback enables you to progress effectively with your studies by answering two basic questions: 

How am I doing? 
How can I improve?

Feedback takes the form of constructive advice sent to you by your tutor when you have submitted each assignment. There are also opportunities for you to receive advice about areas of concern related to the subjects you are studying but not specifically related to your assignments. 

Sharing experience and establishing contacts is also an important aspect of the course. Via the LEARN portal, you will be able to participate in on-line discussions about individual topics or work with fellow students on group projects. 

We also have a dedicated distance learning team who are available to help with any problems, concerns or queries you might have about your studies.

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