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This MSc course operates in a cycle of study, directed assignments, and feedback and finally assessed by coursework and/or written examination.

The MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology course is designed to be studied purely by distance learning, so you do not need to come onto campus, allowing for flexible learning with the same level of innovative and pioneering teaching as full-time students.

For most MSc modules assessment is via a coursework plus a written examination. There are two modules which are not assessed via written examinations; WSP631 Sustainability and Energy Systems which is examined by coursework only (Group and individual) and the 60 credit MSc Research Project WSP645.


Coursework for both the full time and distance learning options can comprise research reports, computer simulations, software designs and laboratories.

However, distance learning students are not required to perform the practical elements of a laboratory study and will instead do a simulated version.  As with all labs it is the critical analysis of the data which is key as this is what all students are assessed on.


Exams are used to assess your learning and understanding of the subject area and are a crucial element of the learning process.  

Exams can be taken off campus at an approved centre such as your local British Council or at a local university (subject to prior approval) but students do have to pay for all costs relating to off campus exams.  

Modules are examined in either January or in May/June during the year but NOT in both examination periods.  Modules must be registered and completed in the same semester. Although the exam periods are known at the beginning of the academic year the exact date of your exams will be not be available until 3-4 weeks before the exam period.

If you wish to take more than two modules per semester then you must consider your workload very carefully and we recommend that you discuss this with a member of the distance learning academic support team prior to registration.


The project module is a significant and important part of the course (60 credits/approx. 600hrs of study) and is viewed as the highlight of the course as it enables you to build upon the knowledge gained in the taught part of the programme. 

The project is undertaken towards the end of your study usually when you have completed most of the taught modules. The subject of the project can be either practical or theoretical research relating to renewable or sustainable energy topics.  Therefore depending on the topic chosen it will not be necessary for you to travel to the UK. 

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