Dr Rania Kousovista is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University. She is currently working on the DECODE project, which is funded by the NIHR Artificial Intelligence (AI) under the programme AIM (Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions). Her primary role involves identifying Multiple Long-Term Conditions (MLTC) clusters, trajectories and risk factors to enhance the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities.

 Rania received her PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Crete in 2022. The focus of her doctoral thesis was Mathematical Modeling, with particular emphasis on its applications in Biomedical Research. She also obtained her BSc and MSc in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Crete in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Her research interests include Biostatistics & Health Informatics, Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

 During her academic career, Rania has gained extensive experience in the development of mathematical models for predicting and analyzing complex biological phenomena, including drug kinetics and various clinical problems. Her work has been published in several peer-reviewed academic journals.

 Rania is a skilled communicator and collaborator who has worked with multidisciplinary teams across various research fields. She is committed to advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in biomedical research, with a particular focus on improving patient outcomes and quality of life.