Dr Parisa Derakhshan

  • University Teacher
  • Coordinator of Visit Days at the Computer Science Department

I graduated with a BSc and MSc in Pure Mathematics from Tehran University with a thesis on Graph Colouring Extension.

Later, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Loughborough University. My PhD research was in the area of Interconnection Network Topologies.

My research studies problems in Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematics. I am particularly interested in Graph Theory, Interconnection Network Topologies, and Computer Graphics.

Research areas

  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Inteligent 
  • Interconnection Network Topologies
  • Graph Theory
  • Combinatorics
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  • Parisa Derakhshan, Walter Hussak. Star Graph Automorphisms and Disjoint Hamilton Cycles. International Journal of Computer Mathematics 90, pages 483-496. 2013.
  • Parisa Derakhshan, Walter Hussak. Automorphisms and Edge-Disjoint Hamilton Cycles in Star Graphs of Prime Dimension. 27th Midwest Conference on Combina-torics, Cryptography, and Computing.
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