Mohamad studied Computer Science for his bachelor’s degree at Yarmouk University, Jordan. After receiving his B.Sc. degree, he received an M.Sc. degree in Internet Computing and Network Security from Loughborough University. He then received his Ph.D. from Loughborough University under the supervision of Prof Qinggang Meng, his thesis title is “A probabilistic framework using dynamic Bayesian networks for human activity recognition and tracking”.

Mohamad has been part of the Loughborough Robotics and Artificial Intelligence lab for many years. He has worked as a Research Associate on multiple high profile funded research projects, as well as working as a KTP Associate managing the award-winning knowledge transfer partnership between Loughborough University and Millitec Food Systems LTD, whom are industry leaders in the design and technology of robotics and machinery for high care environments. He is currently lecturer in Computer Science. His work focuses mainly on the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Research areas

Mohamad’s work focuses on subjects in the fields of Artificial intelligence and Robotics, areas of interest include the following:

  • Deep learning (DNNs, CNNs, GANs).
  • Computer vision.
  • Human computer/robot interaction.
  • Probabilistic modelling (Bayesian Networks, Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Kalman filters, Graphical Models).
  • Human activity recognition.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Multi-object tracking.
  • Time-series/sequence modelling (RNN, LSTM, DBN).
  • Deep reinforcement learning.
  • Control theory.