Dr John Cooke

  • Visiting Fellow

BSc Maths (Hull), PhD, Computing Science (Inst. Comp. Sci. and Imperial College, London), C Math, C Eng.

Former Lecturer in Computer Science, Loughborough.

Co-authored 3 books: Computer Mathematics with Helmut Bez, Program Construction with Roger Stone, and Construction Correct Software (2 editions). Computer Mathematics was translated into Russian.

Research areas

  • Foundations of Computing
  • Formal Language Theory
  • (Denotational) Semantics of Programming Languages
  • Development of (necessarily) Correct Software from Formal Specifications
  • Synthesis of Compilers and runtime implementations fro Continuation Semantics of Programming Languages
  • Co-founder of the FACS (Formal Aspects of Computing) Specialist group of the BCS, and committee member ever since
  • Member of the Computer Science committee of the LMS (London Mathematical Society)
  • Former Senior Assistant Examiner in A level Computer Science (Assoc. Ex. Board)
  • Former External Examiner: BSc (Liverpool John Moore’s, Solent, Brighton), MSc (Hatfield/Herts), PhD (Strathclyde, Hatfield, Sheffield Hallam, Imperial College)
  • Formerly an Editorial Board member of Interacting with Computers
  • Formerly an Associate Editor of The Computer Journal
  • Associate (Managing) Editor of Formal Aspects of Computing since its inception in 1989