Dr. Cai is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University. He previously worked as a Research Associate at the University of Portsmouth (2016-2018), Loughborough University (2018-2019) and Imperial College London (2019). His research interests include Computer Vision, Robotics and the application of Convolution Neural Networks in these areas.


  • PI, Understanding Human Intention for Robots (The Royal Society, RGS\R1\231286, 2023 -2024, £48k)
  • PI, Unconstrained Gaze Estimation for Effective Human-robot Interaction (Royal Society International Exchanges, IEC\NSFC\211032, 2022-2024, £10k)
  • PI, Sport and Exercise Beacon seedcorn funding (Loughborough University, 2021, £2500)
  • Co-I, KTP: Loughborough University and MoA Technology Limited (2023-2025, £186k)
  • Co-I, something old, something new: unlock understanding of archived plant specimens (2022-2023, £19k)

Research areas

  • Robot Vision
  • Eye Tracking & Gaze Estimation
  • Face Expression Recognition
  • Motion Recognition
  • Object Detection & Segmentation

Featured publications

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