After obtaining his MSci in Mathematics and Computer Science from Imperial College, London, George Vogiatzis embarked on PhD studies in Computer Vision from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2006 working under Prof Roberto Cipolla and Prof Philip Torr in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. He then spent three years as a Research Scientist in Toshiba Research Cambridge, concurrently holding a Junior Research Fellowship at Wolfson College, Cambridge before joining Aston University in 2010 as a Lecturer. He became a member of the CS department at Loughborough in 2023. He is an expert in 3D Computer Vision, and deep learning, with an emphasis in recent years on the synthetic generation of training datasets for domains where data is sparse. He publishes regularly in top-tier journals and conferences in Computer Vision and has an extensive network of industrial collaborators. GV has secured over £2.5M of funding from industry, UKRI and EU sources.

GV has worked on a variety of 3D Computer Vision problems including Shape from X, multi-view stereo and marker-less motion capture for games and film special effects. His technology has been commercialized several times by industry.


In recent years GV has been working on the problem of synthetic data generation for domains where real-world training data is sparse. By combining powerful generative neural models with computer graphics and human domain knowledge, GV has been able to overcome the sparse data problem in a variety of domains such as automated traffic control, semantic segmentation, depth perception for autonomous vehicles, human pose estimation etc. 

  • £326K of direct industrial funding
  • 5 international patents