MSc Data Science

"I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Data Analytics. My university enabled me to complete a study abroad at University Paris 13 where I studied Computer Science. As a programming enthusiast, I was delighted to learn different programming languages which deferred from my mathematical background. As a result of this experience alongside my core mathematics modules, I aimed to continue my education by pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science which incorporates both subjects."

How did you find the adjustment to life as a postgraduate student?

Loughborough University has opened a new world of experiences for me within these few weeks that I have been here. With the vast choices of societies and clubs to immerse oneself in, I regularly attend the Loughborough University Gliding society where I benefit from flying sessions and fulfilling a childhood goal of flying an aircraft. Coming from a city-based campus, Loughborough’s large campus was quite overwhelming at first, especially when finding buidlings and rooms around the campus. But with the help of student services and the campus bus shuttle, I have settled in well. Loughborough is a small and very welcoming town, with easy access to everything a student may need.

What do you find most interesting about the Data Science programme?

With the structure of the course, where we complete each module within 3 weeks, we’re able to focus on a module at a time. This method of learning has helped in consolidating my knowledge of each module. I am confident that I will graduate from Loughborough university with memorable experiences, life-long friends, and skills for the world of work.

What do you hope to do with your degree when you graduate?

With the skills I have developed over the course so far, I successfully applied for an internship in Health Data Science. Following the internship programme, I aim to work as a Data scientist within the technology or health sectors.

What would you say to someone considering studying MSc Data Science at Loughborough?

Apply for it! Loughborough University’s staff and resources have made the programme successful. I also enjoy the networking and career opportunities offered by the University as a method of preparation for life post-uni.