Transiting UAVs in Aerial Multicasts

  • 10 March 2023
  • 2pm
  • Haslegrave N112

Title: Transiting UAVs in Aerial Multicasts

Affiliations: Wanqing Tu, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Durham University, UK

Abstract: Many UAV-related applications require group communications between UAVs in order to reliably and efficiently deliver rich media content as well as to extend line-of-sight coverage between sky and ground. This talk will introduce our recent work on fast yet resource-efficient UAV transitions in aerial group communications. Our study includes analytic and algorithmic results that deal with different UAV transition scenarios in group communication environments. These results provide the conditions for a straight-line trajectory to be seamless and if it is not seamless, to form new approaches to establish new trajectories to minimising UAV travel distances. The implementation of our algorithm requires low-complexity computations (e.g., Euclidean distances) and issues greatly controlled traffic overheads. Some simulation results will be presented at last.

Host: P Tso

Organiser: S Fatima

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