Topology and Functionality Transformed Electronics for Internet-of-Things Applications

  • 20 September 2023
  • 12pm-1pm
  • International House and Zoom webinar

IAS Visiting Fellow Dr Nazek El-Atab delivers a seminar on their research.

We live in the age of information where electronics play a critical role in our daily life. Moore’s Law: performance over cost has inspired innovation in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology and enabled high performance, ultra-scaled CMOS electronics.

Moving forward as Internet of Everything (IoE) with advanced energy harvesting technologies seamlessly connects people, process, device and data – can CMOS technology be expanded further to achieve new features in CMOS electronics while maintaining and/or strengthening existing attributes? Can the existing applications be further strengthened and/or diversified? What potential applications may emerge? What energy harvesting technology will be able to meet the power requirements?

This talk addresses these questions through three main projects:

  • Smart and multifunctional memory devices (MEMSOR) that can sense and compute
  • Ultraflexible and stretchable inorganic solar cells with high efficiency for wearables and curved surfaces
  • Octopus-skin inspired 3D-printed biopatches for electrophysiological signal measurement.

Please arrive from 11.45am for a 12pm start. For those joining in-person, lunch will be served from 1pm.

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