Dr Samantha Bodman

Pronouns: She/her
  • VC Independent Research Fellow (formerly Doctoral Prize Fellow)

Dr Samantha Bodman obtained her PhD in organic chemistry in 2019 from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, under the supervision of Associate Professor Christopher Fitchett. Following her doctorate, she relocated to the United Kingdom as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry working with Dr Stephen Butler on an EPSRC funded project on the development of new luminescent probes for multisite recognition of polyphosphate anions.

In October 2022, she joined the Willcock group in the Materials Department at Loughborough University as a Senior PDRA, developing new hydrogel materials that can effectively encapsulate a variety of ion sensors for selective anion recognition. This project collaborated with the Mast Group in Liverpool to develop new sensing capabilities.

In April 2023, she was awarded a VC Independent Research Fellowship (formerly Doctoral Prize Fellowship) to pursue a personal research programme titled “Supramolecular Materials to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency” funded by Loughborough University.

Research areas

Organic Chemistry | Supramolecular Chemistry & Materials | Solar Cells | Molecular Receptors | Lanthanide Complexes

Samantha has a keen interest in Outreach Activities, engaging with Primary Schools and High Schools to promote science and shape the next generation of scientists.


AMRSC: Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2017 – Present)

NZIC: Member of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (2015 – Present)

Teaching Responsibilities

CMD001: Research Projects

CMC001: Modern Aspects of Organic Chemistry

CMC026/7: Investigative Projects

CMI001: Diploma in Industrial Studies / Placement

Department Responsibilities

First Aider

Fire Marshall

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