Dr Kinga Morsanyi appointed as Co-Director for EDI

The School of Science is delighted to announce that Dr Kinga Morsanyi will be the School’s new Co-Director for Equity Diversity and Inclusion, together with Meredith Coney.

Kinga is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics Education and brings experience and enthusiasm to the role from her work as EDI champion in Maths Education.

Kinga is taking over the role from Dr Pooja Goddard who will be concentrating on fellowships for the next few years. We wholeheartedly thank Pooja for her enthusiastic work and all her contributions to the School and the Senior Leadership Team while she was Co-Director of EDI.

Kinga commented “I really believe that EDI is for everyone, not just for women or people with diversity characteristics. It is about fairness, inclusivity and having robust policies in place, so that everybody can reach their full potential, and that they feel appreciated and valued, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.”

Kinga and Meredith are already hard at work on their first initiative together as part of the International Day of Girls and Women in Science on 11th February.

They plan to organise a photo exhibition inspired by the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Women in Science in Scotland exhibition capturing female scientists with objects relating to their work. The finished photos will go on display at the University.

If you would like to participate, please contact Kinga or Meredith directly by Monday 30th January. Photoshoots will take place on Tuesday 31st January and Wednesday 1st Feb at 10 am in Herbert Manzoni K1.09.