Dr Simon Martin

BSc, PhD

  • Reader in Polymers
  • Associate Dean for Teaching


Simon read for a BSc in Physics at the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College) and went on to complete a PhD at the University of Cambridge. His career has included post-doc positions at Cambridge University and the University of Sheffield, where he also had a temporary lectureship.

Simon joined the Department of Materials in 2007 as a lecturer and became a Senior Lecturer in 2013.  

In 2021, Simon became a Reader in Polymers and took on the responsibility of Associate Dean for Teaching in the same year, within the same department at Loughborough University.


  • 1990 BSc (1st Class) in Physics from the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
  • 1994 PhD (“Nonlinear Optical Properties of Conjugated Materials”) University of Cambridge (Cavendish Laboratory).

Outline of main research interests:

Conjugated polymers are a fascinating class of one-dimensional semiconductors. They are finding a wide range of applications including Displays, Printed circuits (including field effect transistors) and photovoltaics

I am particularly interested in studying the morphology of thin films of these materials and the interfaces that they form with other materials.

I also am interested in the behaviour of polymer chains tethered at one end to the surface – polymer brushes. In particular, I am investigating the behaviour of brushes made from stimuli-responsive materials.

The experimental techniques I use include neutron and Xray scattering, atomic force microscopy and ellipsometry

Current teaching responsibilities:

  • MPA207 Mechanics for Materials
  • MPP501 Polymer Properties
  • MPP601 Polymer Properties (DT)

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • Director of Studies - Department of Materials

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External roles and appointments:

  • Physics representative on the committee of the Recent Appointments in Polymer Science