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Dr Jonathan Wagner

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Jonathan Wagner graduated with a MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath. After his degree, Jon joined BP as a process engineer on their graduate scheme with placements in Aberdeen (onshore support for Schiehallion FPSO) and at the CATS gas terminal in Teeside. In 2012, he returned to Bath to start a Doctorate in Sustainable Chemical technologies and completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the end of 2016. He then worked on the Horizon 2020 Photofuel project as a research associate in the REaCT group at Imperial College London before joining Loughborough University as a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2018.

-          Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass

Investigation of the thermochemical transformation, i.e. hydrothermal liquefaction, of biomass into bio-oils, bio-char and bio-gas

-          Biomass fractionation

Selective recovery and transformation of functional molecules from biomass

-          Reactor design and operation

-          Catalytic upgrading of bio-oils into fuels and chemicals

Development of novel catalytic materials for the removal of oxygen, nitrogen and other 

Selected publications

Jonathan L. Wagner, E. Jones, A. Sartbaeva, S. A. Davis, L. Torrente Murciano, C. J. Chuck, V.P. Ting. “Zeolite-supported nickel phosphide catalysts for hydrodenitrogenation of quinoline as a proxy for crude bio-oils from microalgae.” Dalton Transactions, 47, pp.1189-1201, 2018.

Jonathan L. Wagner, C. D. Le, V. P. Ting, C. J. Chuck. “Design and operation of an inexpensive, laboratory-scale, continuous hydrothermal liquefaction for the conversion of microalgae produced during wastewater treatment.” Fuel Processing Technology, 165, pp. 102-111, 2017.

Jonathan L. Wagner, R. Bransgrove, T. A. Beacham, M. J. Allen, K. Meixner, B. Drosg, V. P. Ting, C. J. Chuck. “Co-production of bio-oil and propylene through the hydrothermal liquefaction of polyhydroxybutyrate producing cyanobacteria.” Bioresource Technology, 207, pp. 166-174, 2016.

Recent publications

D. Zhang, A. Del Rio-Chanona, Jonathan L. Wagner, and N. Shah, “Life cycle assessments of bio-based sustainable polylimonene carbonate production processes,” Sustainable Production and Consumption, 14, pp.152-160, 2018.

H. Ali, D. Zhang, Jonathan L. Wagner, C. Woo Park, “Two-Phase Flow Modeling of Solid Dissolution in Liquid for Nutrient Mixing Improvement in Algal Raceway Ponds,” energies, 11, pp. 899, 2018.

A. Del Rio-Chanona, J. Liu, Jonathan L. Wagner, D. Zhang, Y. Meng, S. Xue, N. Shah. Dynamic modelling of green algae cultivation in a photobioreactor for sustainable biodiesel production. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 115(2), pp. 359-370, 2017.