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Dr Jin Xuan PhD, CEng, FIMechE, FHEA

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Senior Lecturer in Low Carbon Processes

Dr Jin Xuan is a Senior Lecturer in Low Carbon Processes at Loughborough University since 2018. Prior to that, he was the Associate Director and Assistant Professor of the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS) at Heriot-Watt University. He has published 90+ journal papers (including 4 Invited Articles, 2 ‘ESI 1% Highly Cited Papers’, 2 ‘Top 25 Hottest Article’ and 1 ‘Most Cited Article‘), 50+ conference papers and granted 9 patents. Dr Xuan has led/co-led £3M+ research grants, as the PI for the EPSRC First Grant on solar energy (EP/R012164/1), the PI for the ETP grant for Energy Storage Optimisation (PJ0179ES), the PI of Royal Society Research Grant (RSG\R1\180162) and Newton Advanced Fellowship (NAF\R1\180146) and the work package leader for the £1.8M EPSRC low carbon fuel project (EP/N009924/1). He also leads the UK team in the Global Innovation Initiative (GII) project for CO2-to-fuel microreactors with Yale University, Shell, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is the winner of 2015 Scottish Energy News Researcher of The Year Award (Energy Storage & Materials) and held the Royal Society Kan Tong Po International Fellowship.

Dr Xuan is currently a full member of EPSRC Peer Review College and a Panel Member for the British Council’s Newton Fund Scheme. He has been the evaluator of 50+ research proposals for EPSRC, Newton Fund, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), National Science Centre of Poland, Qatar Research Networking Programme, UK-Russia Link Programme, Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization, USA, and Commission on Higher Education, Philippine. Dr Xuan served as Organizing Committee Member for a number of international conferences. He is an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Science and an active Reviewer for 40+ leading journals such as Advanced Materials, Journal of Power Sources and Chemical Engineering Journal. 

Honors and awards


Finalist in IET Young Innovator Award, IET


Finalist in IET Innovation Award in Energy and Power, IET


Applied Energy ICAE Best Paper Award (Corresponding Author), Elsevier


Outstanding Reviewer for 13 Elsevier Journals, Elsevier


Scottish Energy News Researcher of the Year Award in Energy and Materials


Certificate of Merit Award, American Chemical Society (Envir. Chem. Division)


Shanghai Pujiang Talent Award, Shanghai Municipal Government


Outstanding Research Postgraduate Award, The University of Hong Kong (Mech. Eng. Dept.)

Research interests

My long-term research vision is to approach the low-carbon future by developing microfluidics, microreactor and micro-systems for energy and carbon conversion via novel chemical, electrochemical and photocatalysis reactions. I leverage the unique fluid and transport phenomena at microscale to realise new functions that are unlikely to be obtained in a conventional reaction system. These will make a significant impact in finding solutions to the trilemma of energy security, energy affordability and sustainable environment.

Research areas

Solar fuel and solar thermal, CO2 utilisation, fuel cells, energy storage and conversion, water treatment, microfluidics for functional material synthesis

Research grants and projects


PI, Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship, NAF\R1\180146 (£110,000)

“Multiphase heat and mass transfer inside porous electrode of high-performance proton exchange membrane fuel cells”


PI, Royal Society Research Grant RSG\R1\180162 (£20,000)

“Additive manufacturing: Unlocking the evolution of energy materials and systems”


PI, Newton Fund from British Council 2017-RLWK9-10910 (£24,000)

UK-China Researcher Link Workshop “Electric revolution for zero-emission road transport: beyond diesel and petrol”


PI, EPSRC EP/R012164/1 (£101,118)

“Solar Optofluidics (SOLO): Water Splitting beyond the 1.23 eV Thermodynamic Constraints”


PI, Royal Society Kan Tong Po International Fellowship KTP\R1\170014 (£3,000)

“CO2 valorisation via integrated electrochemical material and process design”


PI, Energy Technology Partnership Grant PJ0179-ES (£28,559)

 “Energy Storage Optimisation”


PI, Global Innovation Initiative Award (£711,000 including industrial contribution)

“Emission-to-Liquid-Fuel conversion: Hybrid-catalyst boosted CO2 hydrogenation microreactor system”


Co-I, European Commission Horizon 2020-MSCA-RISE, 734796 (€436,500)

“RDC2MT: Research, Demonstration and Commercialisation of DC Microgrid Technologies”


Co-I and WP Leader, EPSRC EP/N009924/1 (£1,800,518)

“Low carbon jet fuel through integration of novel technologies for co-valorisation of CO2 and biomass”


PI, Scottish Funding Council (£10,000)

“MESO-ENERGY: Mesoscience for Energy Materials”


PI (Supervisor), Hong Kong-Scotland Partners in Post Doctoral Research (HK$31,250)

“Novel graphene aerogel electrocatalyst for fuel cell and CO2 utilization”


Co-I, Scottish Funding Council (£10,000)

“Development of novel electrochemical cells for high-efficiency conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide fuel”





  • 1 Edited Book, 3 Invited book chapters
  • 90+ journal papers
  • 10+ Invited conference lectures
  • 50+ Conference papers and presentations
  • Citation > 1300, H Index = 20  (from Google Scholar)

Recent representative publications

  1. Eds. Leung DYC, Xuan J, Micro & Nano-Engineering of Fuel Cells, CRC Press Taylor & Francis, USA, 2014, ISBN 9780415644396. 
  2. Lu X, Wu Y, Yuan X, Huang L, Wu Z, Xuan J, Wang Y, Wang H, High performance electrochemical CO2 reduction cells based on non-noble metal catalysts, ACS Energy Letters, 2018, 3, 2527–2532. (Most Read Article-July 2018)
  3. Tang W, Xuan J, Wang H, Zhao S, Liu H, First-principles investigation of aluminum intercalation and diffusion in TiO2 materials: Anatase versus Rutile, Journal of Power Sources, 2018, 284, 249-255.
  4. 4.     Zhakeyev A, Wang P, Zhang L, Shu W, Wang H, Xuan J*, Additive manufacturing: Unlocking the evolution of energy materials, Advanced Science, 2017, 4, 1700187. (Most Accessed Article in November 2017)
  5. Wang B, Prinsen P, Wang H, Bai Z, Wang H, Luque R, Xuan J*, Macroporous materials: microfluidic production, functionalization and application, Chemical Society Reviews, 2017, 46, 855-914.
  6. Han T, Zhang L, Xu H, Xuan J*, Factory-on-chip: Modularised microfluidic reactors for continuous mass production of functional materials, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 326, 765-773.
  7. Zhang L, Xing Y, Xu H, Wang H, Zhong J, Xuan J*, Comparative study of solid oxide fuel cell combined heat and power system with multi-stage exhaust energy recycling: Modelling, experiment and optimization, Energy Conversion and Management, 2017, 139, 79-88.
  8. Chen B, Leung DYC, Xuan J, Wang H, A high specific capacity membraneless aluminum-air cell operated with an inorganic/organic hybrid electrolyte, Journal of Power Sources, 2016, 336, 19-26.
  9. Lu X, Xuan J, Leung DYC, Zou H, Li J, Wang H, Wang H, A switchable pH-differential unitized regenerative fuel cell with high performance, Journal of Power Sources, 2016, 314, 76-84.
  10. Zhang H, Wang H, Leung MKH, Xu H, Zhang L, Xuan J*, Understanding the performance of optofluidic fuel cells: Experimental and theoretical analyses, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016, 283, 1455–1464.

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Key external collaborators (with joint on-going projects)

  • Imperial College London
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • Oxford University
  • Yale University, USA
  • East China University of Science and Technology
  • Tianjin University
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences

External role and appointments

2016-2017           Committee Member, Automotive & Road Transport Systems, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK

2015-2017              Editorial Board Member, SpringerPlus

2014 -                     Associate Editor, Frontiers in Environmental Science

2015 -                     Panel Member (Engineering & Physical Sciences), British Council, for Institutional Links Grants, Researcher Links Grants, Newton-Al-Farabi Post-Doctoral Mobility Scheme, Newton Bhabha PhD programme, UK-India Advanced Training Schools                      

2014-                     Reviewer of research proposals for EPSRC UK, Newton Fund UK, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), Qatar Research Networking Programme, UK-Russia Link Programme, Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization USA, Commission on Higher Education Philippine, etc.                                                                            

2012-                     Reviewer of more than 40 SCI journals including Advanced Materials, Applied Energy, Journal of Power Sources, Electrochimica Acta, Chemical Engineering Journal, etc.                 

2015-                     Reviewer for new academic book proposals for CRC Press, Elsevier, Wiley

2017-                     External PhD thesis examiner: Università Ca' Foscari- Venezia, Italy



Process Economics and Design Optimisation (module leader)


Clean Chemical Energy and Sustainability


Fluid Mechanics II


Reaction Engineering