Chemical Engineering


Dr Anna Trybala

Photo of Dr Anna Trybala

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering


Anna Trybala studied Chemistry (5 year degree) at Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland and graduated with First Class Honours in 2004. She then studied for her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow, Poland. She obtained her PhD in 2011, her project focusing on the development of new methods of microcapsules formulations and polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings. She investigated physicochemical parameters of multilayer polyelectrolyte films, adsorption of macromolecules on macroscopic and microscopic surfaces and deposition of colloidal particles/microcapsules on solid/liquid interfaces.

In October 2011 Anna started working as a Research Associate in the Chemical Engineering Department here at Loughborough University, after which, in October 2015 she was appointed as a Lecturer.

Professional affiliations:

  • Member of European Colloid & Interface Society

Outline of main research interests:

Anna's major research interests are in the areas of applications of kinetics of wetting and spreading, colloid engineering and nano-science;

  • influence of surface forces on interaction between nano-particles in nano-suspensions;
  • rheology of nano-suspensions and nano-emulsions;
  • transport processes between foams and porous substrates (hair) in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations;
  • adsorption of surfactants/polymers/proteins, particles at interfaces and in porous media;
  • foams formed by non-Newtonian liquids: mixtures of polymers and surfactants;
  • spreading and wetting phenomena in the case of non-Newtonian liquids; and;
  • methods of teaching chemistry/chemical engineering.

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