Rufus Dickinson

BSc Computer Science with AI MSc Industrial Mathematical Modelling

Pronouns: He/him
  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

My research considers fluid interaction with structures of thin, flexible components, in the built and natural environment. I’m interested in developing our understanding of how branched plants in vegetation canopies affect wind and water flow, and investigating how more detailed simulations of wind interaction with civil structures (cable bridges, trusses, wind turbines) can improve their study.

Current research activity

  • R1 Doctoral Researcher, Structures and Materials Group – Fluid Structure Interaction

Recent Publications

  • Accepted: R. Dickinson, A. Palmeri, T. Marjoribanks, September 2023, “Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex 3D Rod Assemblies”, Rijeka, Croatia


My education has reflected my combined passions of Maths, Physics, and Computing.

In 2020, I graduated with a BSc from the University of Nottingham, having studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence; and two years later I graduated with my MSc from Loughborough University, for Industrial Mathematical Modelling. The end of the latter culminated in a project supervised by Dr Alessandro Palmeri and Dr Tim Marjoribanks at ABCE, in which I investigated modelling the dynamics of multi-stem aquatic plants. My undergraduate dissertation in Nottingham sought to build a computer vision system for autonomous monitoring of invasive aquatic species, and the theme of tying my research to the natural world is one I would like to continue.

Outside of education, I have reasonable experience in software development, which I feel has equipped me a variety of useful skills to transfer to my academic research. The projects I have been involved with have included work on statistical models, cloud-based data pipelines, and remote-sensing devices.