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Dr Richard Buswell BEng, PhD

Photo of Dr Richard Buswell

Reader in Building Energy Systems

1989 - 1994: Building Services coordinator for Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.
1994 - 1996: BEng Environmental Systems Engineering.
1996 - 2000: PhD in Uncertainty in models of real systems.
2000 - 2006: Post doctorate research at Loughborough University.
2007 - date: Lecturer in Building Services Engineering at Loughborough.

Broad interests and expertise

I am interested in people and their relationship/interaction/impact upon buildings, technology and energy.

My current research projects and industrial background is multi-disciplinary focused and understanding these interfaces interests me. Technically my research experience is in the management and installation of Building Services systems, modelling energy and processes and the uncertainty associated with this in particular. I also have experience with data mining, optimisation and fault detection/condition monitoring.

Additive manufacturing offers a new approach to the conception and design of building components and how they perform in terms of energy and in terms of the physical aesthetic. I'm interested in exploring these processes in terms of full scale manufacturing and in the value of smaller scale modelling and their use in the construction,

Recent and current projects include:

  • Freeform Construction: Mega-scale Rapid Manufacturing for Construction
  • This project is developing a revolutionary technology called 'Concrete Printing' for precisely deposi

Previous projects include:

  • Integrating Design and Process Control for Freeform Construction.
  • Application Research for Freeform Construction Processes.
  • Building System Design Synthesis and Optimisation.
  • Application of Rule-Based Models in Building HVAC System Simulation.
  • Demonstration of Fault Detection and Diagnosis in a Real Building.
  • The Practical Application of Fault Detection and Diagnosis Techniques in Real buildings.
  • Energy Survey of Queens Building using the EARM Methodology.



Current PhD student topics include:

Modelling human adaptive actions in buildings; Evaluating the cost/benefit of renewable system options in the building design process; Post occupancy evaluation of building; Modelling and control of zero carbon dwellings.