Research and expertise

I graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MEng in Architecture and Environmental Design (2015) and a MArch in Architecture (2018).

I have worked as an Architectural Assistant in practices in Nottinghamshire and Manchester, working on a range of projects within the commercial, education, and residential sectors. I joined the ERBE CDT EPSRC programme in October 2020.

I have developed a strong interest in the discrepancy between building performance as designed and as-built, and wish to use my PhD studies to address this performance gap. My interests have a particular focus on the retrofit of the existing UK housing stock and ensuring that the expected energy savings are delivered.

Current research activity 

  • PhD student – ERBE CDT – quality assurance of dwelling retrofit through on-board HTC monitoring


I am a Doctoral Researcher in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment (ERBE), with the School of Architecture, Building, and Civil Engineering (ABCE) at Loughborough University.

I am interested in addressing the gap in the designed and as-built performance of domestic buildings. The focus of my PhD is the application of on-board HTC monitoring to reduce this performance gap and to provide quality assurance of dwelling retrofits.

In 2015 I completed an MEng in Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Nottingham, where  I also graduated in 2018 with a MArch in Architecture.

Before embarking on my PhD studies, I worked in a mix of architectural practices in Manchester and Nottinghamshire, where I worked on projects across different scales and sectors, including commercial, education, and residential. This highlighted the discrepancies which exist between buildings as designed and as-built which drove me to learn more about the impact this has on their energy performance.