Research and expertise

As a Doctoral Researcher with Building Energy Research Group (BERG), I am investigating the measured thermal performance of dwellings under different conditions. Additionally, I am undertaking experiments in a pair of test houses to quantify the variability in the measured Heat Transfer Coefficient of dwellings.

Current research activity 

  • R2 Doctoral Researcher, ERBE CDT - Quantifying the variability of the measured Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) of dwellings

Recent publications


I am a second-year Doctoral Researcher in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment (ERBE), with the School of Architecture, Building, and Civil Engineering (ABCE) at Loughborough University. My research focuses on the measured thermal performance of dwellings.

I have previously completed degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design (MEng) and Architecture (MArch) at the University of Nottingham. This was followed by a period working as an architectural assistant in Nottingham and Manchester, where I worked on projects across different scales and sectors, including commercial, education, and residential. This highlighted the discrepancies which exist between buildings as designed and as built, and drove me to learn more about the impact this has on their energy performance.