Marzieh Fallahpour

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

My research is fundamentally multidisciplinary, and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in climate change adaptation, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and health and wellbeing in the built environment.

My expertise and research interests include:

Current research activity

  • ERBE CDT PhD project: Modelling summertime window opening behaviour in city apartments

Recently completed research projects

  • Geometrical Parametric Study of Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Air Exchange in Offices
  • Strategies towards reducing carbon emission in university campuses
  • Developing a Tempo-spatial framework for thermal comfort analysis of urban heat island with coupling of CFD and building energy simulation
  • Airborne and aerosol pathogen transmission modeling of respiratory events in buildings: Minimizing the respiratory pathogen transmission

Recent publications

  • Aghamolaei, R., & Fallahpour, M. (2023). Strategies towards reducing carbon emission in university campuses: A comprehensive review of both global and local scales. Journal of Building Engineering, 76, 107183.
  • Aghamolaei, R., Fallahpour, M., Zhang, R., & Mirzaei, P. A. (2023). A Thermal Comfort Modelling Framework for Urban Neighbourhoods: Tempo-Spatial Coupling of Building Energy and CFD Models. Environmental Science and Engineering, 2849–2859.
  • Fallahpour, M., Aghamolaei, R., Zhang, R., & Mirzaei, P. A. (2022). Outdoor thermal comfort in urban neighbourhoods by coupling of building energy simulation and computational fluid dynamics. Building and Environment, 225, 109599.
  • Sheikhnejad, Y., Aghamolaei, R., Fallahpour, M., Motamedi, H., Moshfeghi, M., Mirzaei, P. A., & Bordbar, H. (2022). Airborne and aerosol pathogen transmission modeling of respiratory events in buildings: An overview of computational fluid dynamics. Sustainable Cities and Society, 79, 103704.
  • Arjmandi, H., Amini, R., khani, F., & Fallahpour, M. (2022). Minimizing the respiratory pathogen transmission: Numerical study and multi-objective optimization of ventilation systems in a classroom. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 28.
  • Aghamolaei, R., Fallahpour, M., & Mirzaei, P. A. (2021). Tempo-spatial thermal comfort analysis of urban heat island with coupling of CFD and building energy simulation. Energy and Buildings, 251, 111317.


I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • Passive design of residential buildings

Engineering tools

  • Design Builder


I joined the ERBE CDT program in October 2023 and I am a member of the Building Energy Research Group (BERG), which aims to transform the performance of buildings for a healthy, sustainable, and zero-carbon future.

Before joining Loughborough University, I worked as an architect and energy consultant for building energy performance analysis, building physics, and energy optimisation. I also contributed as a researcher to some academic teams on the topics of urban neighbourhood thermal comfort, airborne and species transmission in indoor spaces, and natural ventilation to Improve indoor air quality.

I graduated from the University of Tehran with a MSc in Architecture and Energy (2013). My expertise lies in sustainable building design, building energy modeling (BEM), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with a particular focus on occupant-centered health and wellbeing, and low-energy buildings like Passivhaus.

My software skills include:

  • EnergyPlus
  • Design Builder
  • Open Foam
  • Honeybee & Ladybug
  • Revit


  • Full EPSRC Scholarship for 4 years during MRes and PhD studies

External activities

  • Journal Referee: Physics of fluids