Research and expertise

I am a building scientist with a background physics/numerical modelling. In the late 1990s I pioneered what is now known as Climate-Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM). Founded on rigorous validation work, CBDM is now the basis for research and, increasingly, industry practice worldwide. In 2013 the UK Education Funding Agency (EFA) made CBDM a mandatory requirement for the evaluation of designs submitted for the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP). This is believed to be the first major upgrade to mandatory daylight requirements since the introduction of the daylight factor more than half a century ago. My practice-based research and enterprise includes major projects such as the New York Times Building and The Hermitage (St. Petersburg). From 2011 to 2019 I served as the 'UK Principal Expert on Daylight' for the European Committee for Standardisation and led some of the changes to the recently published standard.

Current research activity

  • Daylight measurement and modelling for conservation (with the National Trust).
  • Improved solar models for climate data (with CIBSE).
  • Building design guidelines for Kerala (India).

Recently completed research projects 

  • Daylight injury study for Central Park Tower (New York).
  • Revision of BS/EU standard for Daylight in Buildings
  • Applicability of Climate-Based Daylight Modelling (EPSRC/Arup)
  • Design guidelines for electrochromic glazing (with SAGE Glass, USA).

Recent publications

  • J. Mardaljevic. Aperture-Based Daylight Modelling: Introducing the ‘View Lumen’. In IBPSA - Building Simulation Conference, Rome, Italy, 2019 
  • E. Brembilla, D.A. Chi, C.J. Hopfe, and J. Mardaljevic. Evaluation of climate-based daylighting techniques for complex fenestration and shading systems. Energy and Buildings, 203:109454, 2019
  • E. Brembilla and J. Mardaljevic. Climate-based daylight modelling for compliance verification: Bench- marking multiple state-of-the-art methods. Building and Environment, 158:151 – 164, 2019 
  • P Tregenza and J Mardaljevic. Daylighting buildings: Standards and the needs of the designer. Lighting Research & Technology, 50(1):63–79, 2018 
  • N. Blades, K. Lithgow, S. Cannon-Brookes, and J. Mardaljevic. New tools for managing daylight exposure of works of art: case study of Hambletonian, Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland. Journal of the Institute of Conservation, 40(1):15–33, 01 2017 
  • J. Mardaljevic and J. Christoffersen. ‘Climate connectivity’ in the daylight factor basis of building standards. Building and Environment, 113:200–209, 2 2017 
  • J Mardaljevic, R Kelly Waskett, and B Painter. Neutral daylight illumination with variable transmission glass: Theory and validation. Lighting Research and Technology, 48(3):267–285, 2016 
  • J Mardaljevic and N Roy. The sunlight beam index. Lighting Research and Technology, 48(1):55–69, 2016 


I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • Leading the Building Science module for Architecture
  • Advanced Technical Skills
  • Supervision of dissertations on topics aligned to my research interests


  • Research Methods
  • Wellbeing and Indoor Environment
  • Supervision of dissertations on topics aligned to my research interests


Current projects 

  • Rights to Light (Expert Witness)
  • Rights to Light (Expert Advisor)

Recently completed projects

  • Rights to Light (Expert Witness), MHC (Services) Ltd, Eversheds Sutherland, Chelsea Football Stadium Redevelopment (Architect: Herzog & de Meuron). 
  • Daylight exposure HDR monitoring and simulation, National Trust.
  • Daylight Injury: Central Park Tower/Art Student League, New York, USA
  • Modelling of multi-zone EC glazing, SAGE Glass, USA

Short courses 

  • Climate Based Daylight Simulation – small group expert tuition.



I graduated in 1982 from Leicester University with a degree in Physics. In my first year after graduation I worked as a Research Assistant with the X-Ray Astronomy Group at Leicester. I then taught A-Level physics at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, Leicester from 1985 to 1990, whilst at the same time completing a part-time MPhil in Astrophysics (Models of Emission Line Profiles in Active Galaxies, 1988). In 1990 I began as a Research Assistant at De Montfort University (Leicester) and so commenced my interest in daylight modelling. Between 1993 and 1996 I was employed by Aberdeen University Dept of Zoology working as a Research Assistant on the modelling of marine ecosystems. I returned to Leicester and De Monfort University in 1996 where I was employed as a Research Fellow (1996-2000), Senior Research Fellow (2000-2009) and finally Reader in Daylight Modelling (2009-2012). In 2012 I joined Loughborough University in the newly-created post: Professor of Building Daylight Modelling. 

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA), 2017. 
  • Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), 2012. 


  • Innovative Application Award – International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA), 2017. 
  • Leon Gaster Award – Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), 2016. 
  • UK Lighting Award – Society of Light and Lighting, 2012

External activities

  • UK Principal Expert, European Committee for Standardisation CEN/TC 169 WG11 (2011-2019)
  • Chair, CIBSE Daylight Group.
  • Associate Editor, Lighting Research & Technology Journal.  
  • Editorial Panel, Energy & Buildings Journal.

Key collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • The National Trust
  • Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Sage Glass, MN, USA
  • VELUX, Denmark.