Jinghua Jiang


  • Research Associate in Flood Risk Assessment

Research and expertise

I am a research associate working on high-performance hydrodynamic modelling, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) modelling, and flood risk assessment. My research interests include risk-based flood modelling and forecasting, SuDS modelling and assessment, and stormwater quality modelling.

Current research activity 

  • UKRI-funded project Living Deltas Hub: To develop an integrated risk assessment framework for compound floodings, taking into account the impact of environmental change and human activities.

All publications

  • Jiang, J., Liang, Q., Xia, X. and Hou, J., 2021. A coupled hydrodynamic and particle-tracking model for full-process simulation of nonpoint source pollutants. Environmental Modelling & Software, 136, p.104951.


I am a RA working on UKRI-funded projets Living Deltas Hub.

I finished my PhD at Loughborough University in 2022 and completed my MSc at Cranfield University in 2013. Before starting my PhD programme, I worked as an associate engineer at the Dalian Municiple Design & Research Institute (China) for three years. 

I am interested in hydrodynamic modelling, flood risk analysis, and sustainable drainage system design and assessment.