David Allinson

Dr David Allinson

BEng(Hons) MSc(Eng) PhD PGCAP FHEA

  • Senior Lecturer in Building Physics: Measurement and Modelling
  • Admissions Tutor for Low Energy Building Services Engineering (MSc)

Research and expertise

I am particularly interested in evaluating the energy, thermal and moisture performance of buildings, and the challenge of refurbishing our housing stock to meet the requirements of the future.


  • Building physics and especially heat transfer and moisture transport.
  • Experimental thermal and moisture characterisation of buildings and building materials.
  • Building energy, environment and hygrothermal modelling with sensitivity and uncertainty analysis.
  • Measurement of energy use, air quality, over-heating and wintertime thermal comfort in buildings.
  • GIS mapping, databases and secondary data sources for modelling energy use in houses.
  • Refurbishing the UKs housing stock to meet the needs of the future.

 Current research activity 

  • Active Buildings Centre, EPSRC
  • Methods and Metrics for Moisture Risk Assessment (MRA-SWI), EPSRC
  • International Energy Agency Annex 71: Building energy performance assessment based on in-situ measurements
  • DEFACTO - Digital Energy Feedback and Control Optimisation, EPSRC
  • SCENe- Sustainable Community Energy Networks, Innovate UK

Recently completed research projects 

  • EPSRC Capital Award emphasising support for ECR, EPSRC
  • Test facility for hygrothermal performance of building materials, DECC
  • Small scale equipment for early career researchers, EPSRC
  • DS4DS- Disaggregated Scenarios for Demand Studies, UK Energy Research Centre
  • 4M: An evidence based methodology for understanding and shrinking the urban carbon footprint, EPSRC
  • Investigating the use and optimisation of rammed earth materials for building integrated passive air conditioning, EPSRC
  • Evaluation of aerial thermography to discriminate loft insulation in residential housing, EPSRC with Nottingham Energy Partnership

Completed PhD students

Recent publications

  • Lomas K, Beizaee A, Allinson D, Haines V, Beckhelling J, Loveday D, Porritt S, Mallaband B, Morton A (2019) A Domestic Operational Rating for UK homes: Concept, Formulation and Application. Energy and Buildings.
  • Allinson D, Lomas K (2019) Estimation of building heat transfer coefficients from in-use data: impacts of unmonitored energy flows. International Journal of Building Pathology.
  • Roberts BM, Allinson D, Diamond S, Abel B, Das Bhaumik C, Khatami N, Lomas K (2019) Predictions of summertime overheating: comparison of dynamic thermal models and measurements in synthetically occupied test houses, Building Services Engineering Research and Technology.
  • Roberts B, Allinson D, Lomas K (2018) A matched pair of test houses with synthetic occupants to investigate summertime overheating. SDAR Journal of Sustainable Design and Applied Research, 6(1), 29-38.
  • Li M, Allinson D, He M (2018) Seasonal variation in household electricity demand: a comparison of monitored and synthetic daily load profiles. Energy and Buildings, 179, 292-300.
  • Tink V, Porritt S, Allinson D, Loveday D (2018) Measuring and mitigating overheating risk in solid wall dwellings retrofitted with internal wall insulation. Energy and Buildings, 141, 247-261.
  • Fifield L, Lomas K, Renganathan G, Allinson D (2018) Hospital wards and off-site modular construction: summertime overheating and energy efficiency. Building and Environment, 141, 28-44.
  • Jack R, Loveday D, Allinson D, Lomas K (2017) First evidence for the reliability of the building co-heating tests. Building Research and Information, 46(4), 383-401.
  • Yilmaz S, Firth S, Allinson D (2017) Occupant behaviour modelling in domestic buildings: the case of household electrical appliances. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 10, 582-600.
  • Allinson D, Irvine K, Edmondson J, Tiwari A, Morris J, Hill G, Bell M, Davies Z, Firth S, Fisher J, Gaston J, Leake J, McHugh N, Namdeo A, Rylatt M, Lomas K (2016) Measurement and analysis of household carbon: the case of a UK city. Applied Energy, 164, 871-881.
  • Beizaee A, Allinson D, Lomas K, Foda E, Loveday D. (2015) Measuring the Potential of Digital Zonal Heating Control to Reduce Energy use in the UK homes: the case of unfurbished 1930s dwellings. Energy and Buildings, 92, 29-44.
  • Morris J, Allinson D, Harrison J, Lomas K (2015) Benchmarking and Tracking Domestic Gas and Electricity Consumption at the local authority level. Energy Efficiency, 9(3), 723-743.
  • Taylor S, Firth S, Allinson D, Quddus M, Wang C, Smith P. (2014) Spatial mapping of building energy demand in Great Britain, GCB Bioenergy, 6(2), 123-135.Bullet point


I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • Architectural Science
  • Professional Practice in Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Supervision of dissertations on topics aligned to my research interests


  • Building Performance Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Low Energy Building Design
  • Socio-technical Perspectives: Theory and Methods
  • Supervision of dissertations on topics aligned to my research interests

Current projects 

  • Technical Evaluation of SMETER Technologies (TEST) Project, BEIS
  • Overheating analysis: UK National Energy Follow Up Study (BEIS), BRE

Recently completed projects

  • Measurement of heat transfer coefficient (HTC) pre and post-refurbishment, PRP architects
  • Laboratory pipework demonstrator, Tata Steel
  • Characterisation of matched pair test houses, Mitsubishi Electric
  • Comparison of methods for measuring the HTC of houses, ETI
  • Data sources and tools, Kingfisher Future Homes
  • Verification and validation of the ETI-TE model using the 4M housing database, ETI
  • NHBC Foundation co-heating project, BRE
  • Developing a national housing stock model (Cambridge Housing Model), DECC with Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd

Career and esteem indicators

I lecture in Building Physics: Measurement and Modelling as a member of the Building Energy Research Group (BERG). I am a mechanical engineering graduate with long standing expertise in experimental methods having performed R&D and testing roles in the private sector, for government and in academia (ICI, National Power, Health and Safety Laboratory, University of Nottingham). Expertise in numerical modelling and simulation were developed during my subsequent PhD and PostDoc (Built Environment, University of Nottingham). Since joining Loughborough University I have continued to combine measurement and modelling techniques to evaluate the performance of buildings, their systems and occupants. This has included evaluating the performance of buildings in large-scale field trials, developing the BERGs test houses with synthetic occupancy, designing the state-of-the-art Hygrothermal Test Facility in our laboratories and using high quality data to  assess the accuracy of models and to improve their predictions. 

Esteem indicators

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

External activities

  • PhD Examiner: University of Nottingham, University of Bath, University College London, Leeds Beckett University
  • Field examiner for MSc in Façade Engineering, University of Western Englend (UWE), Bristol
  • European Committee for Standardization technical body: CEN/TC89 Working Group 13 - Thermal performance of buildings and building components
  • British Standards Institution subcommittee B/540/2 -  Building Performance – Moisture
  • UK UKRI FLF programme Peer Review College
  • Evaluation of research proposals King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
  • Expert reviewer: CIBSE Technical Symposium; Applied Energy; Building Research & Information; Building and Environment; Energy and Buildings; Building Services Engineering Research and Technology; Sustainability; Construction and Building Materials; Buildings; IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing; Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering; Materials; Indoor and Built Environment; ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information; Journal of Building Engineering; International Journal of Thermal Sciences; Smart and Sustainable Built Environment; Journal of Building Performance Simulation; Geosciences; Energies; Applied Sciences; Infrastructures; International Journal of Building Pathology; DECC's UK Housing Energy Fact File; RILEM Technical Letters

Key collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Simble Energy
  • Halton Housing, Widness
  • Physical Characterisation of Buildings group, University College London
  • Building performance and sustainability research unit, Leeds Beckett University