Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Undergraduate study

Frequently asked questions

Does this degree lead to Chartered Engineer status?

Yes, you can apply as a graduate to become a Chartered Engineer. If you graduate from the BEng variant, as with all other Universities, you will need to complete further educational requirements.

What’s the difference between MEng and BEng?

MEng: 4 year or 5 year with a year in industry

BEng: 3 year or 4 year with a year in industry

The MEng course gives students the opportunity to study for an extra year. Subjects cover more breadth by offering management/business topics and the option of a European language. Depth of knowledge is increased by including technical topics studied at a more advanced level. The individual final year project for the MEng is a more significant piece of work than for the BEng and may be carried out at a European university. These extra skills are attractive to employers.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes. The courses comply with the educational base for UK-SPEC. 

  • The Aero course is accredited by both the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  The course is one of three preferred suppliers to BAE SYSTEMS.
  • The Auto course is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 

What is the Teaching Quality like?

Teaching Quality Assessment awarded 23 out of 24.

What happens if I apply for the MEng and miss the grades at result time?

If you apply for the MEng degree and you miss the required grades there are a few options open to you:

  • If you are first choice (Conditional Firm) with Aero or Auto Engineering, and you have achieved the BEng requirements, we would transfer you to the BEng course (ie a double offer).
  • We may consider you for a concession and this would be based on your grades.
  • We may make a change course offer to you for another department within the School or University.

Can I transfer from BEng to MEng?

If you apply for the BEng and your results are better than expected, providing you have made our requirement, we would offer you the chance to change to the MEng course before the commencement of the first year.

If you start on the BEng course, you can transfer to the MEng programme at the end of the second year provided your marks are 55% or greater.

Is Language compulsory?

No, language is not compulsory. If you do choose a Language (MEng only) you can study this at any level from beginner to advanced standard for 2, 3 or 4 years.

Does the Department have links with the University Air Squadron?

Yes, the East Midlands University Air Squadron involves a combination of several universities: Loughborough, Derby, and Lincoln. They interview prospective candidates during their first year. Flying usually takes place at RAF Cranwell.

If I choose to take a Sandwich degree how do I get a placement?

We have contact with many companies who are willing to take students for Industrial Training. In the first year we hold a meeting regarding Industrial Training with all new students.

Your CV is put forward to companies who will request you to attend an interview. The decision to employ you rests with the company. You will have a supervisor in the company and from the University. You will work towards a Diploma in Industrial Studies.

What salary can I earn if I get a placement?

This varies between companies, between £15K - £20K

What if I change my mind and decide to take a year in industry?

If you have started on a non-DIS programme and wish to change you have up until the Christmas of the second year to decide.

Is it possible to defer my entry year?

Yes. Let us know in writing that you intend to defer your place, all information will be sent to you 12 months later before you are due to commence your studies here at Loughborough.

How is the accommodation allocated?

If you accept Loughborough as your ‘Firm’ choice, you will be sent a pack of information regarding accommodation – usually around April/May.

At results time if you are accepted by Loughborough, the accommodation is allocated in order:

  • Unconditional Firm, Conditional Firm – guaranteed a hall place
  • Conditional Insurance, Clearing are not guaranteed a place in hall.

There are different types of accommodation, see the accommodation web pages for further details →

When are your Department Open Days?

The Department holds Student Visit Days between November and April. These take place after the UCAS application has been received in the department.

We read through your application, looking at your reference/predictions from your school/ college and your personal statement.

If we consider that you would be a suitable candidate for the programme, we would usually invite you to an interview, where you would have a 15-20 minute interview with a member of staff.

The day includes tours of both the department and the campus.

Unfortunately due to the number of applications involved (1100+), we cannot give individual tours of the Department. However, if you wish to visit the campus at any time you are very welcome to do so.  See more information about University open days in the prospectus →

I’m thinking of buying a laptop, what specification should I get?

We have many computers on campus with every bit of software needed for your course and you can also run a remote desktop, meaning any software can be accessed through your laptop, there is therefore no expectation for you to purchase a laptop for your studies.

If however you intend on purchasing a laptop we would recommend a mid-range machine.  Do also remember that Microsoft Office Windows software is free for all students to download once you arrive on campus.