Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Undergraduate study

Vehicle test weeks

We think it is crucial you get as much hands-on experience as possible during your time at Loughborough. This is why we have added a range of exciting and unique experiences to our courses to help you make the most of your time with us.

the National Flying Laboratory Centre aeroplane

Flight testing a Jetstream aircraft

All students on the Aeronautical Engineering course take part in a week of flight testing on a Jetstream Aircraft.

As part of the Aircraft Stability and Flight Test Module you will study the theory to allow you to predict aircraft behaviour and then carry out an actual flight test to compare real data. You will have four flight tests as an engineer allowing you to gain really valuable first-hand experience of testing and flight procedures. This activity is fully integrated into the course and there is no additional fee.

view of the MIRA test track

Professional level vehicle testing

As part of the Automotive Engineering course you will take part in a week long vehicle testing course at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) proving ground. This is unique to the Automotive Engineering course at Loughborough.

You’ll get the opportunity to test your theoretical understanding in a series of practical tests on production vehicles. These include: handling dynamics, straight-line performance, braking, noise and vibration and a vehicle aerodynamic study. This will help you gain a more rounded understanding of the subject and allow you an insight into the world of the professional engineer.

Previous students have worked on real vehicle experiments including ISO drive-by-noise of a Lotus Evora and shape optimisation of a Jaguar XF in MIRA’s full scale wind tunnel.

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Vehicle testing at MIRA Technology Institute

Unique to the Automotive Engineering course at Loughborough, our students take part in a week-long vehicle testing course at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) proving ground.