Accommodation application process

If you have applied to Loughborough via Clearing, here’s how the accommodation application process works.

At Loughborough we like to consider halls as communities - we strive to ensure a mix of students and courses within every hall to provide the best possible social experience. You'll be able to select from a list of preferences. Be open-minded, you'll fall in love with whichever hall becomes your home.

Clearing students will be invited to select five accommodation preferences from 10am on Monday 21 August 2023.
Your preferences will be based on an area of the campus, room type and catering option depending on availability, so do your research beforehand. We will then send you an email summarising your request.
Our top tip is to have a variety of preferences in mind, don't just rely on having one 'favourite'. We've got a whole range of rooms with buzzing personalities and opportunities to make new friends, so you'll have an amazing time whichever hall you're in. Be open-minded and don't limit your options!
Our team will use your preferences as a guide when allocating accommodation. We are not able to guarantee that you will be offered your preferred room type, however the system will consider both your preference options and the date of application.
Once the accommodation team have allocated you a room you will be sent an email confirming your offer and instructions on how to view and accept this online. You will receive this via the email address provided on your University application.
Once you have accepted your accommodation contract, we will send confirmation via email. Also enclosed will be further instructions regarding what you need to do next, to help us prepare for your arrival on campus.
Get packing – it’s almost time to set off to Loughborough. We can’t wait to meet you!