Every single one of our halls of residence at Loughborough has a unique personality of its own – whichever one becomes your home, we know you’ll remember being part of it forever.

There are 16 undergraduate halls of residence, all either on or very close to campus, offering a variety of catering and self-catering options to suit different budgets.

The community spirit in our halls of residence is unrivalled by any UK university. Where you live and who you live with will create some of the best memories of your university career. Each room contains a bed, storage, desk, chair, shelves and a noticeboard.

You will also have access to laundry facilities, bike storage, a common room, internet access and the support of a fantastic hall committee system who will ensure that hall life remains supportive and fun for everyone.

Our top tip for choosing accommodation is to keep an open mind, and to not limit your options. We've got a whole range of rooms with buzzing personalities and opportunities to make new friends, so you'll have an amazing time whichever hall you're in. 

Halls of Residence at Loughborough

A brief overview of Loughborough University’s undergraduate Halls of Residence, including catered and self-catered options. Each has a unique personality of its own and offers its student family a vibrant, friendly place to call home.

How to apply

If you have accepted a place to study at Loughborough University through Clearing, we guarantee you on-campus accommodation for your first year of study.

You will be asked to submit five preferences based on an area of the campus you would like to live, as well as your preferred room type and catering option. It's a good idea to research your options ahead of time so that you have an understanding of the types of accommodation you would prefer.

Application process

More information about our Halls of Residence Licence terms and conditions can be found on our accommodation website.