Campaign for a Better World


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What ISSUES matter to you?
What do you want to SHOUT about?
Design a poster and get your message HEARD?

The political poster has been a powerful campaign tool in protests throughout history. They have been an effective communication tool, using bold design and imaginary wordplay to make their message heard.

In this current period of uncertainty LU Arts wanted to offer our talented students the opportunity to design posters that will make visible the issues that concern them. We not only want to encourage students to upload their posters but also encourage other students to download them and display them in windows and on noticeboards. LU Arts will also present the posters on bus shelters and digital screens so that the campus becomes a canvas for the campaign, and for the issues that students want to shout about.  

We have a range of prizes for the best posters submitted. They will be judged on their originality, their message and their design, so you don't need to be the best artist to submit your poster and win a prize.

What you can do

This is your opportunity to creatively make yourself heard and design a poster that will be seen around the campus. This simple website platform has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to design a poster, upload it and share it with others.  We have suggested some possible themes but we welcome posters on any issue that is important to you.

We want you to provoke, to challenge, to be passionate but we will moderate the posters to ensure that they are not abusive or defamatory.

We will award cash prizes of up to £250 for the three best posters submitted. There will be a special prize of £50 for the most downloaded poster. These will be judged by Nick Slater, Director of LU Arts and Simon Downs, Lecturer in Graphic Communication.

So activate your artist/activist self and submit your poster design.


£250 - 1st prize

£150 - 2nd prize

£100 - 3rd prize

£50 - Special prize for the most downloaded poster

The deadline for submission of posters to be judged as part of the competition is Sunday 3 January. Any submissions made during the Christmas / New Year break will be added to the website Monday 4 January.

About the political poster

For inspiration on political posters, here are some articles on the subject: