Postgraduate study

UK Government Postgraduate Loan

  • Up to £10,609 for UK and EU students ordinarily resident in England looking to study a master's programme at a UK university.
  • Both campuses
  • UK/EU students
  • Up to £10,609
  • Master's

Study at Loughborough with a master's student loan

All postgraduate master’s qualifications, such as an MA, MSc, MRes, MBA, MEd and LLM are covered by the loan, and you can study either full-time, over one or two years, or a one-year full-time course studied part-time over two years. Any amount up to £10,609 can be borrowed, and used to pay for your tuition fees or other costs associated with studying, such as accommodation or course expenses.

If you already hold a master’s qualification or an equivalent qualification (including an integrated Master's degree such as an MEng/MSci) you will not be eligible for the master's student loan.

The Postgraduate Loan is a contribution to the costs of your study and is not sufficient to cover all of your tuition fees and living costs for the period. The University provides information on how to help plan your budget.

Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for the UK government master's loan you must be aged under 60 and a UK national or have settled status in the UK. In addition you must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years on the first day of the academic year of your course start date. You must have most recently been living in England and you must not have moved here to study. The loan is not means-tested, meaning anyone who meets the criteria will be eligible to apply.

You may be eligible if you are an EU national or family member of an EU national, or if you have the residency status of refugee, humanitarian protection, EEA migrant worker, child of a Swiss national or child of a Turkish worker. To find out more, please see the website.

Special loans have been created for postgraduate study if you normally live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


How will I repay the loan?

Repayment of the loan will begin once you have completed the course and have an annual income of £21,000 or more (£21,000 annual income threshold is frozen until 2021 when it is subject to review). Your loan will accrue interest at a rate of +3% above retail price index (RPI) from the date the first installment is paid.

Repayments will be calculated at 6% of your income above £21,000 and will be made concurrently alongside any repayment of outstanding undergraduate student loans. Borrowers repaying two or more government student loans will have a maximum deduction of 15% taken from their salary). Loan repayments will commence in the April after your course is completed, provided to you meet the annual income threshold of £21,000.

Any outstanding postgraduate master’s loan balance will be written off on the 30th anniversary of the date the loan becomes due for repayment.

How do I apply if i will be studying full-time?

To apply for the government master's loan, please apply online. You'll need your passport, your National Insurance (NI) Number, details of the programme and university where you want to study, and details of your bank account. After completing the form online, print and sign it, and send it to the Student Loans Company, along with any supporting documents if requested, to complete your application.

If you do not have your NI and bank details yet, you can add them later in the process. Once your application has been processed and confirmed you will be notified by letter.

How do I apply if I will be studying part-time

If you will be studying part-time and wish to apply for the government master’s loan, you will need to agree a study plan with the School where you will be studying. It is important you do this as early as possible as it is likely you will not be able to submit your application until this study plan has been agreed.

Please use the appropriate email address below to contact the School you will be studying with to request a study plan for a part-time PGT loan.


SchoolContact email address
Executive Education
Loughborough Design School
Loughborough University London
Politics History and International Relations
Social Sciences
School of the Arts, English and Drama
School of Science
School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
School of Business and Economics
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering
School of Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Find out more

The Student Loans Company have produced a short video to provide more details.