Research Excellence

Secure and Resilient Societies Global Challenge

Societies worldwide regularly face major natural hazards and human-induced threats. To address these challenges our internationally-leading research draws on expertise from a broad range of disciplines.

Our work influences the practice of many groups, including the emergency services, defence forces, industry, governments, aid agencies, and civic and national authorities. It has particular relevance for the creation of resilient urban spaces, conflict and emergency zones and for greater economic and financial resilience.

Our research priorities

Resilient urban spaces

FloodMap, a two-dimensional flood modelling tool, developed at Loughborough. FloodMap, a two-dimensional flood modelling tool, developed at Loughborough.

We have significant expertise of designing urban spaces that are resilient to a wide range of external changes (for example, human migration), significant potential environmental hazards (including, flooding and landslides) and human-induced threats (such as crime and terrorism).

Our research spans:

  • Design of safer city spaces
  • Infrastructure design and technology
  • Flood mapping
  • Modelling of natural catastrophes (to estimate risk and hazard) 
  • Analytical and chemical techniques for use in emergency medicine, counter terrorism and the fight against crime,
  • Criminology
  • Significant interactions with organisations who must ensure security and resilience within these communities, including the police and other emergency services and intelligence agencies.

Conflict zones and emergency response situations

In conflict zones and emergency response situations individuals are under intense pressure to take decisions quickly and with life-or-death consequences.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Information management, using techniques in virtual engineering, systems engineering and signal processing.
  • Analysis of both traditional and social media in order to gather information from, and disseminate advice to, the general public in potentially chaotic situations.
  • Peace-building in post-conflict environments. This links into our research expertise, particularly in relation to the European Union, in governance and diplomacy issues related to security and war.
  • Engineering contributions, including improvements to jet aircraft, unmanned vehicles, and body and vehicle armour design.
  • Emergency response technological advances, including those related to body detection, response to fires, and emergency sanitation.
  • Sleep deprivation and, through our sporting heritage, on personal resilience under stress.

Economic and financial resilience

Following the recent financial and Eurozone crises, Loughborough is making significant contributions towards ensuring a more resilient economic and financial environment.

We have particular expertise in:

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