Performance and Development Review

About PDR


The following steps will take place from December - March each year


  • Reviewers contact Reviewees and book in PDR meetings to take place between 1st January and 31st March
  • Reviewee reflects on the previous 12 months, then completes and submits pre work on the PDR online system
  • Reviewer goes through Reviewee's pre work on the online PDR system and completes all necessary preparation required in order to recommend a performance assessment rating and set effective objectives. This may include; gathering feedback from relevant colleagues (where applicable), reflecting on previous PDR notes and reviewing job descriptions

PDR meeting

  • The Reviewer and Reviewee discuss the Reviewee's performance over the last 12 months. 
  • A recommended performance assessment rating is given to the Reviewee
  • Performance and development objectives are agreed for the next 12 month period

Summarise and submit

  • Within 3 weeks of the PDR meeting the Reviewer is responsible for summarising the meeting notes, including the recommended performance rating and the objectives. These are then submited for the Reviewee to read
  • The Reviewee checks the Reviewer's summary of the PDR meeting is accurate and, if in agreement, submits the form ready for moderation by the Senior Reviewer Group