Performance and Development Review

About PDR


The following steps will take place from April - July each year

Senior Reviewer Group

  • Senior Reviewer Groups meet in April each year, following completion of all PDRs in the School/Professional Service
  • Recommended ratings for the School/Professional Service are reviewed to ensure consistency and fairness
  • Any noted disagreements, between the Reviewer and Reviewee, are discussed
  • Confirmed ratings will then be communicated with all Reviewees.
  • Where there are any concerns, the Dean or Director will become involved to resolve any issues

Ongoing actions

  • The PDR should become a live, ongoing document, used by the Reviewee to guide their work over the next year
  • It is recommended that interim reviews (minimum of 1 per year) are conducted between Reviewers and Reviewees
  • These should be used to assess performance and progress towards the objectives, as well as ensuring the objectives are still valid and reasonable