Performance and Development Review

About PDR


The following steps will take place from June - November each year

Clarify strategic direction

  • School or Professional Service plans are formulated to ensure priorities are agreed for the forthcoming year in line with the University Strategy
  • The Dean or Director confirm members of the Senior Reviewer Group (SRG) and publicise the membership of this group to all staff in the School or Professional Service

Identify Reviewers

  • Current Reviewers are reviewed by Senior Reviewer Group
  • In Schools the Dean will select any new Academic Reviewers
  • In Professional Services new Reviewers will normally be staff new in a managerial post with responsibility for PDRs, these will be confirmed by the Director of Service or the Operations Manager in Schools
  • Staff Development require a list of all new Reviewers by 31st July each year in order to programme plan PDR training sessions

Reviewers attend relevant training

  • New Reviewers are required to attend mandatory training, delivered from September to December each year
  • This training will consist of an online training video and a 4 hour session on 'Delivering Effective PDRs' with Staff Development
  • There will be optional training for current Reviewers on 'Developing Effective PDR Objectives' and 'Developing your PDR Conversation'

Allocation of Reviewees

  • Senior Reviewer Groups allocate Reviewers with Reviewees
  • Reviewees who are allocated a new Reviewer are informed