Social Sciences

Undergraduate study

Employability Skills

What employability skills will you gain?

Many skills acquired through studying in the Department of Social Sciences are increasingly sought after by employers who look for both subject knowledge and a broad, generic range of skills, rather than a restricted vocational training. 

In addition students may find it invaluable to develop the specific skills vital to seeking professional careers within the media, social care, psychology and voluntary sectors.

The range of skills developed will include:

  • Researching, judging and evaluating complex information.
  • Making reasoned arguments orally (in tutorials and presentations) and in written work.
  • Strong IT skills gained through the presentation of projects and dissertations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of research methods, analysis and statistical techniques.
  • Developing opinions and new ideas.
  • Working collaboratively with others. 
  • Using effective methods to communicate your ideas and conclusions.
  • Statistical and other quantitative techniques.
  • Organising your work and meeting deadlines.
  • Problem-solving.
  • A flexible, creative and independent approach to tasks.