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Advice for parents

Results day can be a really emotional experience. For most it will be a celebration of two years of hard work and securing a place at their first choice university but for a few students their initial plans might have to change and this can be really unnerving.

Clearing family experience

Watch this short video with Paula Loftus, a parent with her daughter talking about their experience during clearing.

Whatever the outcome the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. There are lots of options available and they can still go on to have a fantastic university experience.

Once exam results are published, universities will check to establish if the conditions of the offer to study on the particular course have been met. If your son or daughter has narrowly missed the conditions of their offer there is still a chance that they will be considered either for the course they applied for or an alternative related programme.

If the university is unable to accept them, they will be released to take up their insurance place or enter Clearing.

It is important for your son or daughter to be available on results day to make calls and research courses if necessary, so it is helpful to avoid holidays or other activities for the day results are released.

Clearing is the process through which students without a confirmed place are matched at universities who have places available on their courses.

Check UCAS Track

Advise your son or daughter to check upon the status of their application on UCAS Track before doing anything else on results day - remind them to have their login details to hand.

Don’t panic

While students have to act promptly there is no reason for your son or daughter to panic. They should consider carefully what is offered and think back to the original criteria they applied when choosing their course.

Stay positive

You can help by staying positive and support your child identify universities with places available. Many universities have dedicated Clearing ‘hotlines’ or events where the latest advice will be available.

When looking at options you could share the work. While your son or daughter reads up on the course, you could, for instance, research the distance from home and the cost of living in a particular area, or the accommodation on offer. You could also suggest a road trip to their new university town for a look around.

It’s likely that Clearing will involve some compromises, but there is no need for you to worry on your son or daughter’s behalf. They may be setting off for a different university, to study a different course, but the opportunities to meet new friends and get involved in student life remain the same and with your reassurance and support they can make the most of every minute!

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