I was always interested in sports, so Loughborough's reputation for its sports programmes really appealed to me. Additionally, my chosen course was a unique one in that it was exclusive to Loughborough.

The Sports Technology course combines my two passions of technology and sports. I wasn't sure on what I wanted to study at university, but when I saw this course at Loughborough, it was the perfect opportunity to try something new and interesting.

I gained a variety of skills from my course which will prove really beneficial for working in the industry. In addition, having a small number of people on the course meant that we could all work together to better understand the new software or content which was being taught.

Having close contact with the lecturers at the Sports Technology Institute was very beneficial with helping us get through the course. They were very knowledgeable about the sports industry and provided any support that was needed. As the course was so specific, the facilities and lecturers helped me better understand how my modules will help in the industry.

Vedanti Shah

I completed a placement year at Puma in Germany. I worked as a footwear developer in the Team-sports department. As an intern, it was my job to assist my team with daily tasks on products that were being developed for the new seasons. For example, I helped with inputting product information into the company's database.

Vedanti working

One of the most interesting modules I've had was in second year, where we were put into groups and were asked to develop a non-firearm based starting system for athletic races. The module helped us go through the entire product development process, resulting in a physical prototype at the end. This turned out to be very useful for me during my placement year.

The international community at Loughborough was ideal for students coming from outside of the UK. I also loved campus life, as it was very exciting and sociable.

Overall, Loughborough was a very friendly university, with lots of opportunities to get involved with, or lead your own activities. This let you enjoy university life whilst engaging in the aspects of your life that you're most passionate about.

Vedanti working in lab

Vedanti graduated from Loughborough University in 2019.

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