Sahara Moshref

Subject area

I chose this course because since A-Levels I have loved learning about the physical world, which is full of mysteries and problems we have yet to solve. I find the subject incredibly fascinating; it is so diverse that every single subject area is completely different. Another reason I chose physics was because I was unsure about my career path and so physics was a great bridge between many fields that I could potentially pursue in the future.

The biggest attraction of Loughborough University for me was the campus. Amongst being one of the largest campuses, it also has some of the best sports facilities in the world as well as an amazing Student’s Union. Being a science student, the facilities available to me were also important, and having attended a summer course before studying here, I realised that these were some of the best and newest facilities in the country.

I really enjoy the structure and content of the new physics course as I find it to be an exciting challenge. The course tackles many aspects of what it takes to be an excellent physicist, introducing many complex concepts and ideas as well as applications of physics such as coding or laboratory research.

The tuition is very personalised, offering a wide range of support across all modules. The course entails many styles of teaching such as tutorials, lectures, seminars and demonstrations. These are all very beneficial for students as they become accustomed to different forms of learning, something I have found very helpful in my time here as I am able to reinforce my comprehension through various activities.

My favourite module is Core Physics as this is the crux of the degree. Whilst having a wide scope of the subject area, ranging from calculus in circuits to Kepler’s Laws, the course has allowed me to accelerate my knowledge in physics as we are taught about the key concepts that are useful to physicists in modern day.

Sahara Moshref

The biggest asset the Physics Department offers is the support through the problem sheets and problem classes. Here we are able talk through set of questions set by the lecturer(s) and identify any issues from the past week. I find these incredibly useful and insightful as we often strive to consolidate knowledge as well as expand it.

On a typical day, I start at 9 and have about 4 hours of lectures spaced throughout the day. In free time, during the day, I either go back to my hall to cook or stay in West Park Teaching Hub or the David Davies Building (where the majority of lectures are held) and work between lectures.

I intend to do a placement. Ideally it would be somewhere which would incorporate my degree like CERN however I am also open to firms and companies not strictly related to physics like banks or engineering firms. After my degree, I intend to continue my learning by doing a master’s degree at Loughborough. I hope that this will further prepare me for the future as well as introduce me to a new range of skills and ideas within physics.  

I have been at Loughborough for a little under a year and since joining, the experiences I have encountered have confirmed to me that I’ve made the correct choice in my studies. Any passionate student would thoroughly enjoy the course in all of its aspects, challenges and opportunities. The atmosphere is friendly, inclusive and upbeat. There is plenty to do and see in both the town/county and university, so you will never have a boring weekend!

I enjoy being an active member of the community whether it is related to my course through its social events, my halls or the sports teams or societies. The university creates a very inclusive family of students and being a part of it is a great feeling.

Not only is it aspirational in terms of sports, but the alumni have achieved so much that it is short of impossible to want to strive for less. The student body are very encouraging and supportive of one another, creating a positive environment for all.


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