Rajesh Sunda

What I love most about my course is the flexibility of modules available and being able to gain knowledge in a broad range of subjects, not just economics. I also enjoy having a module purely based on gaining skills for employment. This is important as it prepares me for finding a placement as well as a graduate job, so I know what to expect when the time comes.

Developing my employability is a huge priority for me, especially since the sector I want to work in is very competitive. Loughborough has many opportunities to boost employability and there are always many available. My course has the option of a placement year which I definitely plan on doing. The course is also very broad, so I know that if I ever change my mind on what I want to do, I will have the ability to do so knowing that I haven’t narrowed down my options.

Another thing I enjoy about my course is that my lecturers have real-world experience in what they are teaching. It makes the teaching more relevant as it includes applications to jobs in the real world.

I plan on going into a career in the banking and finance sector. My course is really preparing me for this as I have chosen finance modules to study in my second year. There are lecturers who are also professionals in a variety of sectors, so speaking to them gives me an insight on what to expect.

Rajesh Sunda

For the duration of my first year, I have been a course representative where I represent members of my course and feedback on their views to senior members of the department. Having this experience, I was elected to be the School President from 2019-20, providing a massive talking point in interviews.

I joined the Finance and Investment society to boost my knowledge in the sector and network with like-minded individuals planning to head into the same field. Through this, I was able to join the Loughborough Investment Fund which has provided me with the experience of being a research analyst. In this role, I research, analyse and pitch potential investment-worthy stocks to a panel of fund managers.

I’m also an active member of the Asian society at Loughborough and partake in many events throughout the year. Joining societies really helps you settle in at university and make friends more easily. Being part of societies even makes you eligible to be part of their committee and have roles such as being a treasurer.

I also plan to take part in a lot more charitable work (through 'Action' and 'Rag') throughout my time at Loughborough and help those in need.

Loughborough has inspired me in many ways. Being at a university full of motivated and ambitious individuals has really inspired me to adopt a mentality of wanting to achieve as high as possible. Having many professional athletes here is also very encouraging to other students as it shows that it is possible to balance your degree and other commitments. I now take part in sports across campus, which is something I could never see myself doing before I had started.

The University campus is very large and provides everyone with many places to work, study and socialise. The atmosphere is exhilarating and motivates you to succeed.

Rajesh graduated from Loughborough University in 2021.

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