Oliver Wray

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I chose Loughborough University for its reputation in both sport and engineering. The course I wanted to study looked amazing and the facilities that were available were something I hadn’t experienced before.

The structure of learning on my course is great. I feel as though at any point I am able to approach lecturers and ask questions about what we are learning and to talk about any problems I'm facing. I really enjoyed my Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibrium module. The lecturers found a fun way to teach something that was quite technical, and I had never studied anything like it before.

To anyone considering studying Biomaterials, I’d say definitely do it. I originally applied to study Chemical Engineering but didn't get a place on the course; I was instead made an offer to study my current course. It’s even better than I could have imagined, and I would encourage anyone to do it.

Oliver Wray

When I graduate, I hope to get the best job I can, and I believe that having a degree from Loughborough will provide me with the tools necessary to achieve this.

Aside from the academic aspect, the social atmosphere on campus is one of the best. There is a really strong sense of community across the university - between your halls, course mates, and especially your sport teammates. Having a large campus really creates a bubble for the students to live and work in. You’re able to get the most out of everything and make true friends through your course and sport.

On the whole, Loughborough has inspired me to look for more opportunities and do everything I can to better myself and develop as a person.

Oliver Wray working
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