Nayah Patel

I knew I wanted to come to Loughborough very early on, my sister was a student at Loughborough and graduated in 2014 and from that point I saw it as a place I would love to study at too. So, when I was picking universities during my A-levels I was set on Loughborough. I loved the atmosphere and busy campus; I also loved the modules available in my course.

The best thing about my course was the variety of modules, there was a mixture of language and literature modules and then within this, there were both creative and more structured modules. I liked the variety and the different choices; it gave each student a chance to cater their degree to what they are interested in.

The facilities are another element that drew me towards Loughborough, the study and teaching spaces are up to date and spacious, there were a mixture of more social and quieter spaces to work. I have enjoyed being taught by every lecturer I have had; in the English department the lecturers have gone above and beyond throughout my degree. I had lecturers willing to help me with personal and academic issues and were great at giving advice, The English lecturers knew names and faces, and this meant the teaching could really be catered to us, this is one thing I loved, being able to approach the lecturers and they know you and help you in any way they could. This was something that my friends at other universities said they didn’t have, I liked having the freedom to speak to my lecturers openly.

My favourite project by far was my dissertation and I loved the whole process. I was given the creative freedom to write what I wanted. I did my project on ‘Evolving representations of disabilities in Bollywood cinema 1960-2020’. I was grateful to have more control over a piece and the chance to spend time writing and editing a long piece like this.

Nayah Patel

I had a lot of support from the English department, all the lecturers were friendly and approachable. I was comfortable with speaking to my lecturers about personal and academic problems. I have arthritis and the university were great about it, I was given a room that catered for my needs, it was ground floor, close to my lecture rooms and I was provided with a fridge for my medication. Moving to university two hours away from home was scary enough, knowing a I had a disability made it harder, Loughborough university provided me with everything I needed to make it easier. My lecturers were understanding and sent me PowerPoints and work in advance to help with typing and writing, so I could keep up with the pace of the lectures and seminars. All these things made my experience so much easier, and I am grateful they were able to do this.

I hope to go into the publishing industry, my degree has equipped me with key skills, both specific to English, such as writing, editing as well as skills needed in everyday life and in a workplace like organisation and communication.

I enjoyed everything about my course and wish I could do it all over again. The 100% coursework element was a great part of it, I found exams very stressful, and this gave me a chance to showcase my skills in a calmer more controlled environment. The modules are great and there is something for everyone and even the ones you may be worried about initially, you will end up enjoying, the lecturers are very good at making material interesting and you will always learn something new. The dissertation is also something to look forward to, to use all the skills you obtain in the three years and create your own project start to finish.

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I loved the social atmosphere, everyone is always friendly, there is always something happening, the sporting events mean the campus is always busy. The union is a good spot, and nights out here are always enjoyable. The different societies are also something to look out for. I was part of the Asian society, which introduced me to people that were like me, I was lucky enough to be part of the committee in my second year and was ‘Entertainment coordinator’ through this role I created and taught my own Bollywood dance class. This is one of many roles you could be part of during your time at Loughborough. I also took a Zumba class, and attended other exercise sessions. There really is something for everyone and if there isn’t, there is a chance to create new societies that interest you.

My favourite thing about being a Loughborough University student are the different things available to you, from course related events to social events and programmes. I found my place here quite quickly and felt part of a community and was able to navigate my way around Loughborough. I didn’t play any sports, but this wasn’t a problem, there were so many other things you can be a part of.

Loughborough has inspired me to try new things, I am leaving Loughborough having so many memories and experiences. I have learned so much through the teaching but also so much through my experiences. I ran a dance class and did things I have never done before.


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